Traditional Irish Recipes

Ireland has become renowned over the last decade for producing some of the best ingredients in the world. As a chef, working with suppliers who produce top-quality ingredients that cook for the public has always been a privilege. Some might even say we are spoiled for choice of ingredients.

We have some of the best pastures in the world for grazing crops. This produces dairy that is rich and vibrant and adds a distinct taste to Irish recipes.

We are surrounded by seas that produce some of the best shellfish in the world, from Dublin pay prawns (langoustines) to Galway Oysters.

In this article, I will share with you some great tasting Traditional Irish recipes that you can replicate at home and bring the taste of Ireland to your kitchen. These are some of my family recipes, while others I have produced in professional kitchens in Ireland.

Irish Recipes

In this section, I will share a list of my Traditional Irish Recipes I hope you will make and enjoy. To view the full recipe click on the link in each section.

Irish Vegetable Soup

Irish Vegetable soup recipe

You can’t beat a hot bowl of Traditional Irish Vegetable Soup to chase away the chills during the winter months. Using the best vegetables in season, one could easily say that traditional Irish vegetable soup is a taste of Ireland in a bowl. Try my Irish Vegetable Soup Recipe

Irish Potato Soup

Irish Potato Soup Recipe

Everyone knows in Ireland, we love the humble potato. When you think of Ireland, one of the first things most people think of is the potato. From famine to the modern day this vegetable has influenced Irish cuisine in numerous ways. Try my Irish Potato Soup Recipe

Butternut Squash Soup

Roasted Butternut Squash Soup Recipe

One-pot recipes have always been a bit hit in traditional Ireland. Meal would normally be cooked in one big pot over and open fire. So dishes like this Butternut Squash Soup would have been ideal. A great recipe that turn our classic root vegetable soup into something a little more modern. Try my Butternut Squash Soup Recipe

Irish Beef Stew

Irish Beef Stew Recipe

Meat stews were always a traditional Irish recipes in many kitchens. Using meat that was affordable was key and the cheapest cuts of meat normally needed a long time to cook. Irish Beef Stew was the perfect Irish recipe that made best use of cheap cuts of beef to produce and amazing meals for all. Try my Irish Beef Stew Recipe

Irish Champ

Irish Champ Recipe

Irish Champ used the ever loved Irish potato and scallions (spring onion). This is another favourite yet simple dish to make using ingredients that were in season and at their best. A perfect accompaniment to a hearty beef or lamb stew. Try my Irish Champ Recipe

Irish Lamb Stew

Irish Beef Stew Recipe

When people think of Ireland, they think of a Traditional Irish Stew. That traditional Irish stew was always made with Lamb but was later substituted for beef when lamb became too expensive. Using lamb in this dish gives it a distinct flavour and is a perfect comfort food for a cold night. Served with some champ mash and you will be smiling all night long. Try my Irish Lamb Stew Recipe

Irish Soda Farls

irish soda farl recipe

The Irish Soda Farl is something that every Irish man and woman loves. These are a real treat, served with a full Irish Breakfast or on their own with a bit of jam and butter. Irish soda farl is another recipe that used to be cooked over and open fire place in Ireland. Hand shaped and placed onto hot flat Iron pans these soda farls are enjoyed by many across the country. Try my Irish Soda Farls Recipe

Irish Potato Cakes

Irish Potato Cakes Recipe

Irish potato cakes are similar to soda farls in that they were often made on a hot dry pan over and open fire. Using potato and flour these potato cakes were shaped and cooked and became an easy way to fill the belly while tasting great. A very simple recipe but a real comfort food for all. Try my Irish Potato Cake Recipe

Irish Colcannon

tradititional irish colcannon recipe

Irish Colcannon is a great recipe that uses Irish potatoes, butter and in-season cabbage. This is a great accompaniment to any dish as a side and is packed full of flavour. The combination of floury potato with green cabbage and salted butter is heaven. Try my Irish Colcannon recipe

Irish Pork Chops

Irish PorkChop Recipe

Ireland produces some of the best pork in the world. When times were hard in Ireland there were very few who could afford a pork chop, so when we could we ensured we treated them with pride. This brined pork chop recipe allows the pork to retain its moisture while delivering tonnes of flavour. Try my Irish Pork Chop Recipe

Irish Buttermilk Scones

Irish Buttermilk Scones Recipe

Traditional Irish Buttermilk scones are amazing. I know I might be biased being a chef and always having these at hand when visiting my grandmother as a child but I have to admit they are hard to beat. Using fresh buttermilk allows the scone to rise while also giving it a little tang of flavour. Try my Irish Buttermilk Scone recipe

Traditional Irish Apple tart

Irish Apple Tart Recipe

When I think of my Irish childhood I think of my Grandmother making Traditional Apple Tart. Made by hand this apple tart is something everyone should at least try once. The apples in the tart are sour which is restrained by the generous use of sugar. Wrapped in a lovingly prepared pastry you will really enjoy this treat. Try my Irish Apple tart Recipe

Easy Rustic Bread

Rustic Bread Recipe

No country kitchen in Ireland would be without some freshly baked break. This recipe is a take on a rustic bread recipe that has been adapted to make it easier to make. This recipe requires no kneading and replicates the long hard work of making a rustic loof at home in a simple recipe. Try my Rustic Bread Recipe

Traditional Irish Porridge

Irish Porridge Recipe

Every winter morning in Ireland, with the northerly winds blowing and rain lashing the windows requires a bowl of Irish Porridge. Porridge in Ireland was always a great way of warming ourselves before we left for school on a wintery morning. It could be summer in Ireland but with our weather, we were always happy to have a warm belly leaving home. Try my Traditional Irish Porridge Recipe

Irish Pancakes

Irish Pancake Recipe

Traditionally in Ireland, we consume our body weight in pancakes once every year on pancake Tuesday, or Shrove Tuesday if we are to be more accurate. This was traditionally a day of celebration and filling yourselves up before the Lentin fast. Now it’s a perfect excuse to have pancakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Try my Traditional Irish Pancakes Recipe

Irish Brown Soda Bread

Irish Soda Bread recipe

Irish Soda Bread is one of those traditions that has been passed down from mother to daughter in Ireland for generations. Traditionally it took the gentle touch of a woman to make soda bread in Ireland and it is probably the reason why my Grandmothers always tasted the best. This recipe is really easy to make just be gentle with it. Try my Irish Soda Bread Recipe

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