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From a very young age most of my memories revolve around food. From my Nanny Sheridan baking apple tarts on the weekend while Nanny Hackett cooked buns to my Grandfather Jackie cooking the Sunday dinner. Food has always been apart of my life in one form or another. During my Naval Service I spent much of my spare time in the galley chatting to Chefs about what they were cooking. I was in awe at the skill these Chefs had under the conditions of working at sea and how they always delivered great meals. Later on in life with the economic crisis in Ireland I was able to dedicate myself to re-educating myself to train to become a Chef. What was meant to be a couple of years spent on doing a course to become a Chef became five years where I moved up to degree and honours degree in my field of interest. This education along with my passion for Irish produce and Irish food suppliers developed a keen interest in sharing my knowledge with friends and family.

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