Wine Bar Cork City: 15 Best Wine Bars in Cork

A List of Amazing Wine Bars in Cork City.

As a Cork Native and Chef, let me give you my recommendations for those looking for a great Wine Bar in Cork City.

Cork City, known for its rich cultural heritage and bustling streets, is also home to a vibrant wine bar scene waiting to be explored. From cosy corners serving up local vintages to chic establishments boasting international selections, Cork’s wine bars offer a diverse range of experiences for enthusiasts and casual drinkers alike.

In this blog post, I will list some of my favourite Wine bars in Cork City. You may also like my list of Best Tapas Bars in Cork City and my recommendations for some of the Best Restaurants in Cork.


Best Wine Bar in Cork City

1. Moody Cafe Vin Wine Bar Cork City

Best wine bar in cork city
Photos via Moody Cafe Vin Wine Bar Cork City

Location: Lower Glanmire Road, Cork City

Moody Cafe Vin, nestled in Cork City, offers an inviting haven for wine enthusiasts. Its cosy ambience, friendly service, and eclectic music promise an exceptional wine bar experience. 

Patrons can savour diverse old-world and new-world wines, including the delightful Stoneburn Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough, New Zealand. Amidst the charm of local art and soothing melodies, Moody Cafe Vin transcends the ordinary, making every moment memorable. 

Whether it’s a leisurely evening with friends or a tranquil solo retreat, Moody Cafe Vin beckons with its promise of great wines and warm hospitality, making it a top choice for wine lovers in Cork City.

For more information, visit the Moody Cafe Vin website.

2. L’atitude 51 Wine Bar Cork City

L'atitude 51 wine bar cork city
Photos via L’atitue 51 Wine Bar Cork City

Location: Union Quay, Cork City

L’Atitude 51, in Cork City, is a charming wine bar offering a unique experience. With its cave-à-manger style dining, patrons can indulge in a diverse selection of organic, biodynamic, and natural wines carefully curated by independent winemakers. 

The ambience is relaxed yet lively, inviting guests to enjoy small plates made with locally sourced produce and quality locally roasted coffee. Whether stopping by for a quick aperitif or settling in for the evening, L’Atitude 51 promises an unforgettable wine-focused experience. 

With wines available for takeaway or enjoyment on-site and a selection of craft beer, spirits, and cocktails, it’s a must-visit destination for wine enthusiasts in Cork City.

For more information, visit the L’Atitude 51 website. 

3. MacCurtain Wine Cellar Cork City

MacCurtain Wine Bar Cork City
Photos via MacCurtain Wine Bar Cork City

Location: MacCurtain Street, Cork City

MacCurtain Wine Cellar, nestled in Cork City, is a cosy family-run spot blending the charm of a wine shop with the warmth of a wine bar. Owners Trudy Ahern and Sean Gargano, veterans of the restaurant scene, curate a diverse wine selection ranging from everyday sips to fine wines. 

Opened in April 2022, it’s a dream realized for the duo. 

While primarily a shop, guests can drop in for a glass or two from their rotating wine lineup. In the evenings, they offer a delightful menu of sharing plates and snacks, perfect for complementing their stellar wine offerings.

For more information, visit the MacCurtain Wine Cellar website.

4. Nell’s Wine Bar Cork City

Nells Wine Bar Cork City
Photos via Nells Wine Bar Cork City

Location: MacCurtain Street, Cork City

Nell’s Wine Bar, nestled on MacCurtain Street in Cork City, exudes Victorian charm with a boutique ambience. Its focus is on providing patrons with a unique wine experience. 

Committed to sustainability, they showcase wines from producers practising natural, organic, and biodynamic methods. Specializing in “old world” wines, Nell’s complements its selection with small plates reflecting Cork’s seasonal bounty. 

Thanks to their ever-evolving menu, each visit promises a fresh adventure. They have a range of delicious wines, such as Domaine de Menard’s Cuvee, a crisp Sauvignon Blanc from Gascogne in France, and their Tangy Baglio Antico Bianco from Sicily, Italy. Their diverse wine list ensures something for every palate.

For more information, visit Nell’s Wine Bar website.

5. Arthur Mayne’s Pharmacy Wine Bar Cork City

Athurs Maynes Wine Bar Cork city
Photos via Arthur Mayne’s Cork City

Location: Pembrook Street, Cork City

Arthur Mayne’s Pharmacy in Cork City is a unique gem, blending history and hospitality in a captivating setting. As one of the city’s most distinctive wine bars, it offers an unforgettable experience. 

Nestled in a building where little has changed on the ground floor, patrons are greeted with a selection of wines alongside a glimpse into the past with vintage medicines and apothecary items. 

Beyond its wine offerings, Arthur Mayne’s is renowned for its late-night dining experience and inviting ambience. Whether indulging in a glass of wine or exploring its eclectic atmosphere, Arthur Mayne’s Pharmacy Wine Bar is a must-visit destination in Cork City.

For more information, visit the Arthur Mayne’s Facebook page.

6. 115 Cafe & Wine Bar Cork City

115 Cafe Wine Bar Cork City
Photos via 115 Cafe & Wine Bar Cork City

Location: Oliver Plunkett Street, Cork City

115 Cafe & Wine Bar, nestled in Cork City, is a beloved destination renowned for its delightful coffee, delicious breakfasts, and satisfying lunches. But what sets it apart is its curated wine menu, tailored to please wine enthusiasts. 

Patrons can indulge in various wines, carefully selected to offer something for every palate. As the sun sets, the menu expands to include mouthwatering pizzas and pasta dishes, catering to all tastes. 

And for those seeking something extra special, a selection of cocktails and mocktails awaits. With its welcoming atmosphere and diverse offerings, 115 Cafe & Wine Bar is a must-visit in Cork City.

For more information, visit the 115 Cafe & Wine Bar in Cork City website.

7. Salt Food & Wine Bar Cork City

Salt Food Wine Bar Cork City
Photos via Salt Food & Wine Bar Cork City

Location: Ballintemple, Cork

Salt Food & Wine Bar, situated in Cork City, offers a delightful experience for wine enthusiasts. Owned by Stephane and Cece, it showcases the best of local produce alongside a fine selection of wines, craft beers, ciders, coffees, and teas. 

This small, intimate cafe is a perfect retreat. It serves morning coffee, pastries, breakfast, and lunch from Wednesday to Sunday. Guests can enjoy a delectable brunch on weekends, while Fridays and Saturdays offer an evening bistro menu. 

Just a leisurely stroll from Cork City’s heart, Salt is a fantastic choice for those seeking a charming wine bar experience in Cork.

For more information, visit the Salt Food & Wine Bar Cork City website.

8. The Raven Wine Bar Cork City

The Raven Wine Bar Cork City
Photos via The Raven Wine Bar Cork City

Location: Main Street, Cork City

The Raven Wine Bar, nestled in Cork City, is a historic gem dating back to 1862. Renowned for fine wines, craft beers, and creative cocktails, it’s a haven for wine enthusiasts. 

Alongside its impressive drink selection, The Raven offers modern pub gastronomy using the freshest seasonal ingredients, ensuring a truly satisfying dining experience. The Raven Wine Bar is situated in an area rich with history. 

The bar’s location adds to its allure, with plaques dating back to the 17th and 18th centuries adorning the building. Whether indulging in a glass of wine or exploring Cork City’s past, The Raven Wine Bar promises an unforgettable experience.

For more information, visit the Raven Wine Bar website.

9. The MET Bar & Restaurant Cork City

The Met Bar & Restaurant Cork City
Photos via The MET Bar Cork City

Location: The Metropole Hotel, Cork City

The MET Bar & Restaurant, nestled within the Metropole Hotel in Cork City, offers a delightful experience for patrons seeking food and drink in the heart of the Victorian Quarter. 

A hidden gem encompasses a bar, restaurant, terrace, tea room, prosecco lounge, and snug. Perfect for both intimate gatherings and private bookings, guests can unwind with their favourite tipple and indulge in charcuterie boards and cocktails. 

With lunch and dinner served daily, the menu boasts small and large plates, catering to diverse tastes. Whether for a light bite or a substantial meal, The MET Bar & Restaurant promises a memorable dining experience.

For more information, visit the Met Bar and Restaurant website.

10. The Oyster Tavern Wine Bar Cork City

The Oyster Tavern Wine Bar Cork City
Photos via The Oyster Tavern Cork City

Location: Patricks Street, Cork City

The Oyster Tavern, a historic gem in Cork City since 1792, welcomes visitors with excellent food, fine drinks, and a friendly atmosphere. Conveniently located at the Market Lane Entrance to Cork’s renowned English Market, it invites guests to savour a dining experience steeped in tradition and flavour. 

Following restoration and reopening in August 2017, it now offers two floors of charm: a relaxed traditional bar downstairs and an elegantly designed upstairs bar perfect for dining and socializing. 

Proudly sourcing ingredients daily from the English Market, The Oyster Tavern has earned acclaim for its delicious offerings, including a coveted MICHELIN Plate in 2020 and 2021.

For more information, visit the Oyster Tavern website.

11. No.76 Wine Bar Cork City

No.76 Wine Bar cork City
Photos via No.76 Wine Bar Cork City

Location: The Imperial Hotel Cork City

Nestled in the heart of Cork City on the South Mall, No.76 Wine Bar offers an enchanting blend of delicious drinks, live music, and warm Irish hospitality. With an extensive wine list and handcrafted cocktails, guests have a top-notch experience. 

The bar exudes a relaxed vibe from day to night, complemented by light menus featuring regional and seasonal produce and a commitment to sustainability. No.76 takes pride in sourcing high-quality liquor from Irish producers, supporting sustainability efforts. 

As patrons enjoy the vibrant atmosphere, they can also support local musicians, adding to the lively cultural tapestry of Cork City.

For more information, visit the No.76 Wine Bar website. 

12. Bocelli Italian Kitchen & Wine Bar Cork City

Location: Maylor Street, Cork City

Bocelli Italian Kitchen & Wine Bar cork city
Photos via Bocelli Italian Kitchen & Wine Bar Cork City

Nestled in Cork City’s heart, Bocelli Italian Kitchen & Wine Bar stands as an authentic Italian haven. Step into a serene space away from Patrick’s Street, transporting guests to Italy with traditional cuisine and fine wines. Using the freshest ingredients, talented chefs infuse each dish with Italian essence. A highlight is the extensive wine bar, where the expert Marcin guides guests through a diverse selection. 

With first-class service and a charming ambience, Bocelli promises a memorable dining experience. Whether seeking a taste of Italy or expert wine advice, patrons find solace in Bocelli’s welcoming embrace.

For more information, visit the Bocelli Italian Kitchen & Wine Bar website.

13. Meades 126 Wine Bar Cork City

Meades 126 Wine Bar Cork City
Photos via Meades 126 Wine Bar Cork City

Location: Oliver Plunkett Stree, Cork City

Meades 126 Wine Bar, nestled in Cork City, exudes timeless charm and authentic ambience. Reopened in April 2014, it offers a delightful selection of excellent wines and locally sourced produce within a Georgian setting. 

Revamped initially in July 2012, Meades 126 stands as a cosy oasis amidst the bustling nightlife of Oliver Plunkett Street. Its historic building boasts old-world allure, with wide staircases and two pianos adding to the atmosphere. 

Patrons are treated to friendly and unpretentious service and an intriguing array of wines at affordable prices. For those seeking a relaxed yet refined wine bar experience, Meades 126 is a must-visit destination.

For more information, visit the Meades 126 Wine Bar Facebook page.

14. St Luke’s Wine Tavern Cork City

St Lukes Wine Tavern Cork City
Photos via St Lukes Wine Tavern Cork City

Location: Wellington Road, Cork City

Nestled in Cork City, St Luke’s Wine Tavern invites patrons to indulge in a delightful culinary journey. This friendly and relaxed wine bar offers a diverse selection of wines and mouthwatering tapas, perfect for a casual dining experience. 

Recently expanding its hours, it now welcomes guests from 10am on weekends, serving a delectable breakfast and brunch menu alongside its renowned lunch options. Located at the charming St. Luke’s crossing intersection, just a short walk from the old town area, it’s a neighbourhood gem loved for its excellent service and generous wine pours. 

Whether you enjoy a sunny afternoon on the outdoor seating or savour the quirky ambience indoors, St Luke’s Wine Tavern promises a memorable dining adventure.

For more information, visit St Luke’s Wine Tavern Facebook Page.

15. Old Brennans Wine House

Old Brennans Wine House Cork City
Photo Via Old Brennans Wine House

Old Brennans Wine House in Cork City is a delightful spot on Oliver Plunket Street. With a stylish yet cosy vibe, it’s the perfect place to unwind. Adorned with local artwork, it offers a welcoming atmosphere.

Their menu boasts a fantastic selection of wines and delicious sharing boards. Whether you’re a wine enthusiast or just looking for a relaxing evening out, Old Brennans Wine House has something for everyone.

It’s a beautiful addition to Cork’s culinary scene, adding charm and flavour to Oliver Plunket Street. Visit Old Brennans Wine House for a memorable wine and dining experience in the heart of Cork City.

Cork City Wine Bars

As we conclude our tour of Cork City’s dynamic wine bar scene, we’re left in awe of each establishment’s incredible diversity and charm. From the historic ambience of Meades 126 to the modern elegance of Salt Food & Wine Bar, Cork’s wine bars offer something for every palate and preference.

Now, we invite you to experience the magic firsthand. Whether a local resident or a visitor exploring the city, dining out in Cork City means more than just enjoying delicious food and wine—it’s about supporting local businesses and contributing to the vibrant community that makes Cork so unique.

So, gather your friends, plan your next outing, and toast to the culinary delights awaiting you in Cork’s wine bars. With each sip and savoury bite, you’ll treat your taste buds and play a vital role in preserving Cork’s thriving hospitality scene. Cheers to unforgettable experiences and supporting local businesses in Cork City!

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