19 BEST Restaurants in Cork City a CHEFS GUIDE

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Welcome to my list of the Best Restaurants in Cork City.

Hi, my name is JJ and I have been a Chef for over 10 years in Cork. Over the years, I have been lucky enough to know and work with some of the best restaurants in Cork City. I have created this list of the best restaurants in Cork City to help you decide which restaurants to visit to get the best food in Cork City.

In this Guide to the Best Restaurants in Cork City, you will find a list of amazing restaurants that I highly recommend, along with the cuisine they are best known for and an indication of their price range.

For further information on individual Cork restaurants, scroll down or click on the names of the restaurants in Cork City on the list. I hope this list makes choosing where to eat in Cork City quick and simple; enjoy!

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Top Restaurants in Cork City

Here, you will find a quick list of the Best Restaurants in Cork City, along with their price ranges. Scroll down for further details on each restaurant serving amazing food in Cork City.

  1. Ichigo Ichie – *Michelin Star Restaurant* Cuisine: Japanese Price: €75 – €145 per person
  2. Elbow Lane SmokehouseCuisine: European/bbq/brewhouse Price: €11 – €30
  3. Paradiso RestaurantCuisine: Vegetarian Price: €45 per person
  4. Greenes RestaurantCuisine: European/Modern Irish Price: €30 – €40
  5. The Glass CurtainCuisine: European/modern Irish Price: €24 – €34
  6. Jacobs on the MallCuisine: European/Modern Irish Price: €23 – €44
  7. Quinlans Seafood Bar & RestaurantCuisine: Traditional Seafood Price: €19 – €23
  8. Market LaneCuisine: European Price: €15 – €32
  9. SpitjackCuisine: European/Rotisserie Price: €19 – €23
  10. Nash 19Cuisine: European/traditional Irish Price: €5 – €20
  11. Jacques Restaurant CorkCuisine: Fusion European/Irish Price: €20 – €80
  12. Cornstore Restaurant CorkCuisine: European Price: €18 – €40
  13. Marina MarketCuisine: Multiple Price: €5 – €25
  14. Cork and ForkCuisine: European Price: €5 – €35
  15. The River ClubCuisine: European Price:
  16. Luigi MalonesCuisine: World Price:
  17. Son of a BunCuisine: Modern Price:
  18. The Oyster TavernCuisine: European Price:
  19. Bocelli Italian RestaurantCuisine: Italian Price:
Best Cork Restaurants

Best Restaurants in Cork City

As food enthusiasts, we are absolutely blessed to have some of the best restaurants in Cork City to choose from. With this list of Restaurants in Cork City, you will see why Cork has become known as the food capital of Ireland. Read further to find all the best places to get food in Cork City.

1. Ichigo Ichie by chef-owner Takashi Miyazaki.

Best Places to Eat in Cork City Center Ichigo Ichie
photo via Instagram

My choice for one of the best restaurants in Cork City is Ichigo Ichie, Cork’s very own Michelin Star restaurant. One of the best restaurants in Cork, Ichigo Ichie, has gained an enormous reputation for delivering authentic Japanese Cuisine, a food Cork people have come to love.

Ichigo Ichie, meaning ‘once in a lifetime,’ is, without doubt, a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Opened in 2018, Chef Takashi Miyazaki won his first Michelin Star Award in 2019. This five-seater counter restaurant offers a few diners the experience of watching a master sushi chef prepare intricate and delicate dishes using time-honoured Japanese techniques. Ichigo Ichie is one of those Cork restaurants I always suggest you book your seat in advance to experience dining in one of the best restaurants in Cork City.

Please read my review of Ichigo Ichie for more information.

Chefs Personal Recommendations:

Chef Takashi offers a very seasonal menu, and this changes to ensure you always get the best dishes. Check their website before visiting, where the menu is constantly updated. Their “Kisetsu no osashimi” selection of sashimi demonstrates why this restaurant won its Michelin Star.

2. Elbow Lane Brew and Smokehouse

Main Course Price Range: Between €11.50 – €28.00 (Sides are extra €4.20 – €5.20)

Best restaurants in cork city elbow lane
photos via Elbowlane

No list of Best Restaurants in Cork City would be complete without Elbowlane. This restaurant is located along Oliver Plunket Street, a 5-minute walk from Cork City Bus Station and a 15-minute walk from the train station. Elbow Lane has become one of the best Cork restaurants for smoked food and is renowned for its nano-brewery beers, ales, and stouts. Elbow Lane has become one of Cork’s destination restaurants and is one of the must-visit restaurants in Cork City.

Elbow Lane Brew and Smokehouse have their nano-brewery onsite, brewing their unique Lagers, Stouts and Pale Ales. Combine this with some of the best-smoked BBQ baby back ribs in Cork City, and you can’t go wrong. Elbow Lane served food Cork people have come to love and enjoy.

Elbow Lane is one of the best Restaurants in Cork City offering fantastic food in Cork City and unique beers brewed under one roof. Elbow Lane should be on your list of Cork restaurants you have to visit.

For more information, please read my Elbow Lane Brew and Smokehouse article.

Chefs Personal Recommendations:

If you are visiting Elbow Lane for the first time, I highly recommend trying their brisket roll as a starter. It’s tender, juicy and packed full of smokey goodness. As a main, it’s their rib-eye steak every time. You won’t find a better steak in Cork City topped with their smoked butter. If you are unsure of what beers to go for, grab their tasting tray of four beers. My personal favourite is their Jawbone Pale Ale, which has a mild hoppy aroma and flavour with fruity notes. This goes perfectly with the rich meat dishes.

3. Paradiso Restaurant Cork City

Small Plates Menu Price: €45 per person

best restaurants cork city paradiso restaurant
photos via Paradiso

Another one on my list of best restaurants in Cork City is this multi-award-winning restaurant, Paradiso Restaurant. It is one of the best vegetarian restaurants you can visit anywhere on the Island of Ireland. Winner of the Best Chef of the Year award from Food & Wine magazine to the best restaurant in Ireland. Paradiso Restaurant is unique and must be included in any list of best places to eat in Cork. Do yourself a favour and book a table and see for yourself.

Over the years, Paradiso Restaurant has become one of the Best Cork Restaurants for creating unique vegetarian dishes using the best of locally sourced ingredients. Paradiso Restaurant shows that vegetables can rival any meat dish from any Cork Restaurant.

The Paradiso Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Cork City that showcases the fantastic range of vegetables Ireland has to offer. If you are looking for food in Cork City that is vegan or vegetarian, the Paradsio Restaurants should be top of your list.

Visit their website at Cafe Paradiso.

Chefs Personal Recommendations:

Cafe Paradiso is one of best places to eat in Cork, even if you are not vegetarian. The level of the food is outstanding, and I would highly recommend visiting. Chef Cotter uses the best seasonal ingredients when creating his dishes, so the menu adapts to each season. Their wine list is outstanding, so ask your server for their recommendations to pair with your meal. Their roast carrot with burnt aubergine is heaven. Creamy, smokey flavours with a sweet roast flavour of carrot and a nice little punch of heat from their harissa, you will see why this place is so popular. Always try their local cheese dishes, too, to understand why Cork is considered the food capital of Ireland.

4. Greenes Restaurant Cork City

Main Course Price Range: Between €30 – €40 (Sides are extra €4)

cork restaurants greenes
photos via Greenes Restaurant

Greenes Restaurant in Cork City is a charming dining establishment that embodies the essence of farm-to-table cuisine. Nestled in the city’s heart, this restaurant offers a unique culinary experience. The menu celebrates locally sourced ingredients, emphasising seasonal produce and flavours.

As you step inside Greenes, you’ll be welcomed by an inviting and cosy atmosphere, perfect for a romantic dinner or a special celebration. The menu showcases a creative fusion of traditional Irish dishes and contemporary twists, all prepared with precision and care, making it one of the best restaurants in Cork City for local cuisine.

Whether you’re a seafood lover, a fan of hearty Irish stews, or prefer vegetarian options, you’ll find something to satisfy your palate. Greenes has become one of the Best Cork Restaurants for showcasing Cork’s best ingredients.

What truly sets Greenes apart is its commitment to sustainability and using foraged, organic, and locally grown ingredients. The restaurant’s dedication to supporting local farmers and producers shines through in each beautifully presented dish. The friendly and knowledgeable staff are always eager to recommend wine pairings to enhance your experience of dining in Cork City.

Whether you’re a visitor to Cork or a local looking for a memorable meal, Greenes Restaurant is a delightful destination where you can savour the best Irish cuisine in an inviting and eco-conscious setting. Food, culture, and sustainability come together to deliver amazing food. Greenes has become one of the best places to eat in Cork for those who enjoy sustainable, local food.

Chefs Personal Recommendations

Greenes is an exceptional restaurant and one of the best restaurants in Cork City for showcasing the best ingredients Cork has to offer. This restaurant is exceptional, and I would consider this to be one of the restaurants most Chefs would pick for an evening out. The level of detail the Chefs at Greene’s to preparation is phenomenal, and you know you are tasting the best seasonal locally sourced ingredients.

5. The Glass Curtain Cork City

Main Course Price Range: Between €24.00 – €34.00 (Sides extra €3.00 – €5.00) Tasting Menu €65 + extra for wine pairing

restaurants cork Glass Curtain
photos via Glass Curtain Restaurant

Another entrant into the Michelin Guide, Glass Curtain, which opened in 2019, quickly went from strength to strength. Chef Brian Murray has had many setbacks since opening, mainly caused by the pandemic. Still, since opening again to the public, the restaurant has finally had its chance to shine. 

In recent years, The Glass Curtain has gained a reputation as one of the best restaurants Cork has to offer. It is one of the Cork City Restaurants you must visit on your culinary journey for some of Cork’s best food.

Winner of Best Emerging Cuisine at the 2022 Irish Restaurant Awards, The Glass Curtain will indeed become one of the best restaurants in Cork City and one of best places to eat in Cork. If you are looking for delicious food in Cork City then The Glass Curtain should be top of your list of Cork restaurants to visit.

Visit their website at The Glass Curtain.

Chefs Personal Recommendations

This is the perfect spot for 2 or more diners. If you have a gathering of friends, I highly recommend their tasting menu to get the most of what the Glass Curtain and Cork offer. The Glass Curtain restaurant is big on flavour, and they honestly love to show off their food, and rightly so. Go for their tasting menu and opt for the extra wine pairing. Trust me; they will spoil you with their seasonal food and wine.

6. Jacobs on the Mall Cork City

Main Course Price Range: Between €23.95 – €44.00 (sided extra: €5.00)

best restaurants cork - Jacobs on the mall
photo via Jacobs on the Mall

Next on my list of the best restaurants in Cork City is Jacons on the Mall. Jacobs on the Mall is one of Cork City Restaurants that has served the people of Cork for many years. It opened in 1999 and is renowned as one of Cork’s best restaurants, delivering its food with pride and passion. The head Chef, Ricky Nolan, has been leading the way in creating exceptional dishes using the best of locally sourced ingredients.

The menu has many European dishes with a little mix of Asian to mix things up. Their Lime and Coconut Prawns are packed full of flavour.

Jacobs on the Mall is a real treat, and I highly recommend booking ahead of time. This stylish restaurant is often bustling because it is one of the Best Cork Restaurants for service and cuisine. Jacobs on the Mall is also considered one of the best places to eat in Cork City.

Visit their website on Jacobs on the Mall.

Chefs Personal Recommendations

Jacobs on the Mall has always been a restaurant that knows how to make each core ingredient on the plate shine. Their dishes are elegant but not too over the top, perfection on a plate. I highly recommend trying their locally sourced black pudding from Jack McCarthy as a starter. The pudding is rich and delish, almost crumbly and paired with the sweetness of a rhubarb and fennel salad, it is the perfect way to start a meal. For main my personal choice is to go with their specials which changes regularly. If that doesn’t tickle your tastebuds, then their confit duck with their bean and sausage cassoulet packs a punch of flavour. Rich and tender with smoked paprika flavours from their chorizo sausage and balanced with juicy tomato and basil sausage, it sets your mouth watering just thinking about it.

7. Quinlan’s Seafood Bar & Restaurant Cork City

Main Course Price Range: Between €18.95 – €22.95 (sides included)

seafood cork city quinlans restaurant
photo via Quinlans Restaurant

If you fancy fresh seafood while visiting Cork City, then I highly recommend Quinlans Seafood Bar, one of the best restaurants in Cork City for fresh and tasty seafood.

Sourcing fresh seafood from their fishing boats guarantees you will get the best at Quinlans. Their restaurant is stylish and relaxed, and the menu has everything a seafood lover would want. When I visit, I always have to go with the Award Winning Smoked Salmon Salad and follow that up with the best Fish & Chips in the city.

Quinlans Seafood Bar is the top choice for locals looking for sea food in Cork City that is fresh and tasty.

Quinlans Seafood Bar & Restaurant is one of the best places to eat in Cork City for seafood lovers. If you love fresh fish then Quinans is one of those Cork restaurants you will return to time and time again.

Visit their website at Quinlans Seafood.

Chefs Personal Recommendations

If you are a seafood lover, then Quinlans are the experts. As stated above, my go-to favourite is the Smoked Salmon Salad, followed by the best fish and chips in Cork City. They also do fantastic fried calamari. Basically, this place is seafood heaven, and they are proud of it, stating a tidetotable philosophy. But seriously, get their fish and chips and be blown away.

8. Market Lane Cork City

Main Course Price Range: Between €15.00 – €31.50 (Sides included)

market lane restaurant cork city
photo via Market Lane

Market Lane Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Cork City . They are located on Oliver Plunkett street, next door to their sister restaurant, Elbow Lane Brew and Smokehouse.

Market Lane has been around since 2007 and is one of the best restaurants along Oliver Plunket Street that has survived and thrived.

Their menu takes inspiration each week from the local ingredients on sale in the nearby English Market. They serve fresh, tasty food, and the restaurant is bright and stylish. It’s a fantastic restaurant that you have to try and one of the best places to eat in Cork

Visit their website at Market Lane.

Chefs Personal Recommendations

Market Lane seems to be a restaurant that has been around forever. They have always maintained the same standards of top-quality local food. Great for casual dining in Cork City in a relaxing and stylish restaurant. I would recommend trying out their Slow cooked Rosscarbery pork cheek in XO sauce. Tender, juicy sweet pork with a nice touch of heat for their XO sauce topped with a creamy smoked celeriac puree and crispy scallion. That’s just the starter. I personally love their fish curry when they have it on the menu. With the flavours of Thailand, this curry is amazingly well-balanced and allows each flavour to dance on the tongue.

9. The Spitjack Cork City

Main Course Price Range: Between €18.90 – €22.92 (Sides €4.50)

best places to eat in cork
photo via Spitjack

A personal favourite of mine on this list of best restaurants in Cork City is the Spitack. Owned by husband and wife Richard and Laura, the Spitjack food concept is based around locally sourced meats cooked via Rotisserie.

If you love meat, Spitjack is the one place in Cork City where you will never be disappointed. Their locally sourced meats are cooked over an open flame in their French Rotisserie oven. Combining styles of Rotisserie cooking from all over Europe, you will be spoiled for choice when you visit.

Their Rotisserie Pork Belly, or Porchetta as known in Italy, has to be tried if you can get it. This beauty always sells out fast, so book a seat early, and you won’t be disappointed. Seasoned for 48hrs then slow roasted, the fats and juices of this Porchetta are made come alive with their Rotisserie oven. I can’t sing high praises enough for this amazing dish.

Visit their website at The Spitjack.

Chefs Personal Recommendations

Let us not beat about the bush. Book early, arrive, and get their Porchetta! You won’t find anything like it in Cork City. It’s authentic, and you will feel like you are dining in Italy or heaven, you decide. Paired with a glass or three of Bernardeschi, Merlot from Italy, you will not regret being the first to dinner.

10. Nash 19 Cork City (CLOSED FOR BUSINESS)

Price Range: Breakfast €5 – €12 – Lunch €6 – €20

Nash 19 restaurant cork city
photos via Nash 19

Nash 19 is a charming restaurant in Cork City, Ireland. This hidden gem is renowned for its delectable Irish cuisine with a modern twist, making it a favourite among locals and visitors alike.

The menu at Nash 19 showcases the best of Ireland’s culinary traditions, emphasizing locally sourced and seasonal ingredients. From mouthwatering seafood dishes to hearty Irish stews, their menu offers a delightful array of options to satisfy every palate. Whether you’re a fan of traditional Irish fare or prefer more contemporary dishes, Nash 19 has something for everyone.

As for the location, Nash 19 is conveniently situated on South Main Street in Cork City’s bustling centre. Its central location makes it easily accessible for locals and tourists, increasing its popularity as a destination for dining in Cork City.

11. Jacques Restaurant Cork City

Main Course Price Range: Between €20 – €80

jacques restaurant cork city
photos via Jacques

Another great addition to my list of best restaurants in Cork City is Jacques Restaurant on Oliver Plunkett Street. Jacques Restaurant in Cork City, Ireland, is a delight, just a stone’s throw away from the General Post Office. It’s a place where culinary excellence meets a warm and welcoming atmosphere, making it a popular choice for locals and visitors.

The cuisine at Jacques Restaurant is a fusion of traditional Irish flavours and contemporary European influences, resulting in a diverse and exciting menu. Jacques has something to please every palate, whether you’re in the mood for fresh seafood, succulent steaks, or vegetarian options. Their commitment to using locally sourced ingredients ensures that each dish celebrates Cork’s bountiful produce.

While Jacques offers a fine dining experience, it’s important to note that prices reflect the quality of the food and service. It’s an ideal spot for a special occasion or a memorable evening out when you’re looking to indulge in gourmet delights.

Jacques is conveniently located in the heart of Cork City, making it easily accessible for diners exploring the city’s vibrant streets. Its cosy and intimate ambience adds to the overall experience of dining in Cork City, making it an excellent choice for a romantic dinner or a gathering with friends.

12. Cornstore Restuarant Cork City

Main Course Price Range: Between €18 – €40

Cornstore restaurant cork city
photo via Cornstore

The Cornstore Restaurant in Cork City is a culinary haven that beckons with a tempting array of flavours and a commitment to sourcing the finest local ingredients.

For seafood lovers, the Cornstore is a dream come true most would consider it one of the best restaurants in Cork City for seafood. Start your culinary adventure with their exquisite seafood starters, featuring oysters in a delicate vinaigrette that dances on your palate and wasabi caviar that adds a sublime kick to each bite. But the real star of the sea is their baked crab mornay, a decadent indulgence that’s rich and brimming with coastal charm.

If you’re in the mood for a sizzling steak, you’re in for a treat. The Cornstore takes its aged steaks seriously, rubbing them with its own steak rub for an unparalleled flavour. And the choices don’t stop there – pair your perfectly cooked steak with a selection of sauces like bone marrow jus, a luscious elixir, or chimichurri sauce, a zesty Argentine delight.

But the Cornstore’s culinary prowess extends far beyond seafood and steak. Dive into main courses like the herb-crusted rump of lamb, where delicious lamb meets skilled preparation, resulting in a delicate and character dish. And for those craving the classics, the Cornstore burger is a juicy masterpiece that satisfies even the heartiest appetite.

Cornstore is dedicated to sourcing ingredients locally, ensuring every dish bursts with freshness and a sense of place. As you savour each bite, you support Cork’s vibrant food community.

Explore their extensive cocktail and wine list to complement your meal, curated to elevate your experience of dining in Cork City. Whether you’re a wine connoisseur or a cocktail enthusiast, you’ll find the perfect pairing to enhance your culinary adventure.

13. Marina Market Cork City

Best places to eat in cork city Marina Market
Best Places to eat Marina market cork city

The Marina Market in Cork City is an exciting and diverse marketplace and has become the city’s culinary heart. It’s not a restaurant like the rest on this list above but it is one of the best places to eat in Cork City for the selection of food on offer.

Marina Markets Cork is a lively spot where you can find a little of everything. When you visit, you’ll be greeted by a fantastic mix of food stalls, each offering delicious cuisine from different corners of the world. Whatever food you are craving, Marina Market will have it. If you have a sweet tooth, there’s something here for everyone, especially with a tempting selection from Leahy’s Open Farm Ice Cream or Midletons Messy Buns.

But it’s not just about food; the Marina Market also features stalls selling clothing, adding a touch of fashion to the mix. It’s a place where locals and tourists alike come together, enjoying great food, indulging in sweet treats, and exploring unique clothing finds.

This market is not just about shopping or eating; it’s a cultural and social hub, making it a must-visit if you want to experience the flavours and atmosphere of Cork City. So, whether you’re looking for a tasty meal, a delightful dessert, or unique clothing or jewellery, the Marina Market has it all, making it a vibrant and diverse addition to Cork’s culinary and shopping scene.

Chefs Recommendations:

Where do I even start with Marina Market Cork? They have Korean street food, traditional Irish Stew, Sushi, BBQ, all-day breakfasts and the best ice cream in Cork. Marina has become one of the best food destinations in Cork City, with an exciting collection of some of the best food outlets in Cork. I saved Marina Market to last because it’s one of my secret culinary destinations—a must-visit for anyone looking for fantastic food.

14. Cork and Fork Restaurant Cork City

Cork and Fork restaurant Cork City
Photos via Cork and Fork Restaurant Cork City

Cork and Fork in Cork City is your go-to spot for mouthwatering Irish and European cuisine. Nestled in the city’s heart, this cosy restaurant welcomes you with open arms to enjoy a culinary journey like no other.

Every dish is carefully crafted, using only the finest local ingredients to ensure freshness and flavour in every bite. Whether you’re stopping by for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you’re in for a treat. From hearty Irish stews to delicate European pastries, there’s something to satisfy every craving.

The passionate chefs behind Cork and Fork are dedicated to creating unforgettable dining experiences where simplicity meets sophistication on your plate. So gather your friends and family and discover why Cork and Fork is a must-visit destination in Cork City.

Cork and Fork has been gaining a lot of attention since opening and is gradually becoming one of the best restaurants in Cork City for fantastic food.

For more information, visit the Cork and Fork website.

15. The River Club Cork City

the river club cork city
Photos via the Rive Club Cork

Another addition to our list of best restaurants in Cork City is The River Club. The River Club in Cork City perfectly blends elegance and relaxation. Its Bar & Terrace welcomes guests with a touch of glamour, featuring lush riverside greenery and stylish decor.

The mahogany bar offers bespoke cocktails with a Cork twist alongside local beers in a cosy atmosphere ideal for leisurely chats. The Terrace provides an urban oasis, perfect for weekend brunch or sharing small plates.

Meanwhile, The Grill Room offers a sophisticated dining experience, famous for special occasions and romantic dinners. With teal-panelled walls and a Robata grill, it serves the finest ingredients sourced from local suppliers, ensuring every dish is perfectly cooked.

Their menu includes sustainable and vegan-friendly wine options and a curated selection of fine wines with Irish connections, completing an unforgettable experience of dining in Cork City.

For more information, visit the River Club website.

16. Luigi Malones Restaurant Cork City

Luigi Malones cork City
Photos via Luigi Malones Restaurant Cork City

Luigi Malones in Cork City is a bustling restaurant that locals and tourists love. It has been serving delicious food near the Cork Opera House since 1999. Their global menu features Irish steaks, gourmet burgers, Mexican fajitas, Italian pizzas, Japanese yakisoba, and famous buffalo wings with homemade sauce.

The bar offers an array of cocktails, wines, spirits, and beers, including their renowned 1-litre stein of Fischer’s German beer. The restaurant’s classic decor, adorned with landmark St. Pancras Station clocks, provides a cosy atmosphere for all occasions. Whether you’re dining with family or friends or on a romantic date, Luigi Malones has something for everyone.

Don’t miss their Argentinean Parrilla grilling experience, showcasing the art of charcoal-fired meats. With its warm ambience and mouthwatering dishes, Luigi Malones is a must-visit destination in Cork City.

Luigi Malones is one of the best restaurants in Cork City for its range of dishes and cocktails.

For more information, visit Luigi Malones Restaurant’s website.

17. Son of a Bun Cork City

son of a bun cork
Photos via Son of a Bun Cork City

Son of a Bun in Cork City is a beloved family-run burger joint established in 2015 with a simple mission: to serve the best burgers in town. Their secret? Prime cuts of Aberdeen Angus beef, freshly minced daily with no added ingredients, sandwiched between soft brioche buns from a local supplier. Locally sourced bacon from Crowe’s farm in Tipperary adds to the authentic Irish taste.

Son of a Bun’s dedication to freshness and creativity sets it apart. They offer a monthly rotating burger special, ensuring there’s always something new. Everything is crafted in-house, from homemade sauces to crispy chicken wings and decadent desserts.

Their commitment to excellence has earned them numerous awards, including Best Burger in Cork and Best Burger in Ireland. With friendly service and a vibrant atmosphere, Son of a Bun has become a must-visit destination for burger lovers near and far.

Son of a Bun is one of the best restaurants in Cork City for a fantastic gourmet burger and one of the best places to eat in Cork City if you crave a big burger.

For more information, visit the Sun of a Bun Restaurant website.

18. The Oyster Tavern Restaurant Cork City

Cork restaurants
Photos via Oyster Tavern

The Oyster Tavern in Cork City, founded in 1792, is a cherished historic spot. Situated at the Market Lane Entrance to Cork’s renowned English Market, it’s been restored to its former glory since reopening in 2017.

With two floors, the ground level offers a cosy traditional bar, while the upstairs boasts a beautifully designed space for dining and socializing. Their kitchen team sources fresh ingredients from the English Market daily for their casual dining menu.

Proudly holding a MICHELIN Plate in 2020 and 2021, The Oyster Tavern invites guests to enjoy excellent food, fine drinks, and great company in a historical setting.

The Oyster tavern is on of the best restaurants in Cork City for food followed by drinks for a unforgettable night on the town.

For more information, visit the Oyster Tavern Cork Restaurant website.

19. Bocelli Italian Kitchen & Wine Bar

Dining in cork city
Photos via Bocellie Restaurant Cork City

Bocelli Italian Kitchen & Wine Bar, nestled in Cork City, offers an authentic taste of Italy. Escape the city bustle and immerse in a stunning space reminiscent of Italy. With traditional Italian cuisine, fine wines, and top-notch service, it’s a true Italian dining in Cork Cork.

Their talented chefs craft dishes using the freshest ingredients, emphasizing seasonality and sustainability. Bocelli blends Italian tradition with contemporary flair, creating a unique experience for dining in Cork City.

Don’t miss consulting their resident wine expert, Marcin, for perfect wine pairings. For a culinary delight, start with their Feather Blade Beef Stroganoff. Bocelli promises to transport guests to the heart of Italy with every bite.

Bocelli Italian Kitchen is one of the best restaurants in Cork City. It offers fantastic food and one of the best wine menus in Cork.

For more information, visit the Bocelli Italian Kitchen & Wine Bar website.

If you want to taste food culture, read my article on the English Market Cork City for inspiration on your next food outing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best restaurants in Cork City?

For casual Market Lane, beer lovers Elbow Lane, vegetarian Cafe Paradiso, Meat Lovers The Spitjack, Fish Lover Quinlans, groups The Glass Curtain, couples Jacobs on the mall, exceptional occasion Ichigo Ichie.

Does Cork City Have Food?

Cork City has a range of restaurants creating the best food in Cork using locally sourced ingredients. Cork is considered the food capital of Ireland, and Cork City shows you why.

What is the best vegan restaurant in Cork City?

The best vegan restaurant would have to be Cafe Paradiso. If you want something a little more casual, try the Franciscan Well. They have a fantastic Range of Vegan Pizzas.

What Food Is Cork Famous For?

Historically, Cork was world famous for cured salted meats and fish. The English Market in Cork City is pride of place and was one of the first Markets to sell such meats and has grown to a culinary destination in Cork.

Is Cork Expensive to Eat?

Cork has an extensive range of eating establishments where a person could spend between 5 and 15 euros on delicious food. Marina Market in Cork city you could spend around 20 euros and get the best food in Cork. In restaurants, you could, on average, 30 euros.

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