17 Best Spots for Coffee in Cork City – Complete Guide

Embark on a caffeinated journey through the heart of Cork City, where the vibrant coffee culture has woven its way into the city’s fabric.
In this blog post, we’ll guide you to the best coffee havens, exploring the rich diversity of flavours, atmospheres, and stories that make each spot unique.
From the aromatic blends of renowned roasters to cosy corners that echo with the hum of espresso machines, discover the top Coffee in Cork City destinations that promise a delightful sip in every cup.
Let me give you a list of all the best places for Coffee in Cork City.

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1. SOMA Coffee Company

best coffee cork city
Photos via Soma
  • Location: 23 Tuckey St, Cork City
  • Bean: South American (A lot of regions), Africa

SOMA Coffee in Cork City is a passionate haven for coffee enthusiasts. 

With a commitment to ethical sourcing, their single-origin beans are meticulously chosen, roasted on a Small Batch 15KG Dutch Drum Roaster, and crafted to perfection. 

State-of-the-art precision ensures each cup is a delightful expression of the elusive “God shot.”

They have a range of pastries in store; I recommend you try their carrot cake; you won’t regret it.

Visit the SOMA Coffee Company website for more information.

2. Boru Coffee in Cork City

Coffee in cork city
Photos via Boru
  • Location: Brian Boru Brg, Victorian Quarter, Cork
  • Bean: South American, Africa, Asia

Located a short walk from Cork Train station, just before crossing St. Patrick’s Bridge to the bus station, you will find one of Cork’s Newest Coffee destinations. 

Boru Coffee opened in December 2022 in the 80-year-old building previously owned by the Clyde Shipping Firm. The building once used as a stable, now produces some of the best coffee in Cork City.

Brian Mills and Head Barrista Alan Dineen have built a fantastic reputation for excellent coffee and customer service.

Boru Coffee is where you must stop off during your morning commute to the office from the train station.

Drop the guys a follow on their Boru Coffee Instagram for more information.

3. Guji Coffee in Cork City

Guji Coffee Cork City
Photos via Guji
  • Location: Unit 1 Marina Market, Cork City
  • Bean: South America, Central America, Africa

Guji Coffee at the Marina Market in Cork City is a delightful experience for coffee enthusiasts. Boru Coffee is housed in one of Cork’s prominent indoor markets.

Guiji Coffee proudly serves the Old Barracks Coffee Roastery single-origin coffee, bringing the world’s finest coffees to GUJI’s stall. 

With a focus on South or Central American specialities and the Ethiopian gem ‘Dikitu,’ patrons enjoy a rich array of flavours. The Marina Market provides a vibrant backdrop for coffee connoisseurs. 

It offers a unique setting to savour its meticulously sourced and brewed coffees, including a sparkling water-processed decaf from Central America.

Visit the Guji Coffee website for more information.

4. Cork Coffee Roasters

Cork Roasters
Photos via Cork Roasters
  • Location: Bridge Street, French Church Street, Anglesea Street.
  • Bean: Arabica Sourced Globally

Cork Coffee Roasters, a cornerstone of Cork City’s coffee scene for over two decades, boasts multiple locations throughout the city. 

Specializing in small-batch roasting, they prioritize freshness by roasting locally. Using traditional methods on the 1930s cast iron roaster, their commitment to quality and flavour is unparalleled. With roots in the Pacific Northwest, they collaborate with independent roasters, creating a rich coffee experience that reflects their enduring passion for the craft. 

Discover the essence of superbly roasted beans at Cork Coffee Roasters.

Visit the Cork Coffee Roasters Website for more information.

5. Three Fools Coffee in Cork City

three fools cork city
Photos via Three Fools
  • Locations: Grand Parade, Cork City
  • Bean: Asia, Africa and South America

Nestled across from Cork City’s English Market, Three Fools Coffee is a haven for coffee enthusiasts. Boasting a central location, their knowledgeable baristas consistently craft high-quality, ethically sourced brews. 

The cafe offers a cosy atmosphere, embracing a quirky interior with sunny, airy spaces and unique seating from old sewing tables. 

As self-proclaimed Coffee Nerds, they meticulously select beans, supporting the 20:20 Project for positive community impact. 

Whether indoors or at outdoor seating, Three Fools Coffee promises a delightful experience with good coffee, good people, and a spectacular location.

Visit the Three Fools Coffee website for more information.

6. Alchemy Coffee in Cork City

Alchemy Coffee Cork City
Photos via Alchemy Cork
  • Locations: Barrick Street & The Marina Market Cork City
  • Bean: Africa, Asia, South America

Alchemy Coffee is a beloved establishment in Cork City and has been serving delicious coffee for over a decade. Alchemy Coffee beckons patrons with its original Barrack Street location and a second spot in the vibrant Marina Market. 

This charming café warmly welcomes furry companions, offering an array of homemade pastries, savoury delights, and vegan treats. 

Renowned for some of the finest coffee in the Marina Market, Alchemy stands out with its inviting atmosphere. Their Barrack Street store, Alchemy Coffee and Books, provides the perfect blend of coffee, literature, and relaxation.

Please give them a follow on their Alchemy Coffee Instagram Page.

7. Good Day Deli in Cork City

Good Day Deli Cork
Photos via Good Day Deli
  • Location: Inside Nano Nagle Place, Douglas St, Cork City
  • Bean: Africa

Good Day Deli in Cork City is a haven for sustainable dining, offering a delectable mix of local, organic, and fair-trade foods. Nestled in Nano Nagle Place’s picturesque gardens, the café blends South Pacific influences into its casual menu. 

They prioritize health, local producers, and environmental well-being and are committed to inspiring sustainable lifestyles. Notably, they elevate their coffee experience with beans from the West Cork Coffee Company, featuring an exquisite Ethiopian blend with bright acidity and delightful notes of grapefruit, orange, caramelized brown sugar, and tamarind spice.

The Good Days Deli also makes it onto my list of places to get the Best Brunch in Cork City.

Visit the Good Days Deli Website for more information.

8. The Grumpy Bakers in Cork City

Grumpy Bakers Cork City
Photos via Grumpy Bakers
  • Location: Washington St, Cork City
  • Bean: South America, Africa

Grumpy Bakers in Cork City is a heartwarming tale of passion and commitment. Cathal and Sharon founded this community-style bakery, born from a dream, which offers freshly baked sourdough and pastries daily. 

A product of love and hard work, it emerged on August 12th 2020. Notably, they serve exceptional coffee supplied by Calendar Coffee, renowned for its dedication to quality and seasonally sourced beans. 

The Grumpy Bakers’ coffee experience complements their delicious baked goods, creating a welcoming haven for locals to savour warmth and flavour.

Visit the Grumpy Bakers website for more information.

9. The Bookshelf Coffee in Cork City

The Bookshelf Cork City
Photos via The Bookshelf
  • Location: The Elysian & The Old Library on South Mall
  • Bean: South America, Asia, Africa

Discover The Bookshelf, a cherished coffee haven with two Cork City locations – the characterful South Mall venue, established in 2012, and the modern Elysian space. 

Enjoy award-winning coffee sourced seasonally from The Barn, Berlin, and pair it with melt-in-the-mouth pastries or the famous Bookshelf Brunch. 

As speciality baristas, they bring exclusive weekly deliveries of globally acclaimed beans. They are known for a laid-back ambience, friendly staff, and homemade delights featuring locally sourced ingredients. 

The Bookshelf remains a beloved destination for exceptional coffee and community warmth.

Visit the Bookshelf Website for more information.

10. Filter Coffee in Cork City

Filter Cork City
Photos via Filter Cork
  • Location: Paradise Place & Georges Quay in Cork City
  • Bean: South America, Africa

Filter Espresso and Brew Bar, a pioneer in Cork’s speciality coffee scene since 2012, have become a local favourite for great coffee. 

With two locations in Cork City, their flagship store on Main Street stands out with a street hatch where coffee enthusiasts can grab their favourite brew. 

The unique setup showcases jars of coffee beans, gadgets, and gizmos on reclaimed wood shelves, creating a cosy barista laboratory atmosphere. 

As part of the historic George’s Quays, their premises reflect the city’s rich architectural heritage dating back to the late 1700s.

You can follow them on their Instagram Page, Filter Coffee Cork.

11. Myo Cafe in Cork City

myo cork city
Photos via Myo Cork City
  • Location: Popes Quay, Cork City
  • Bean: Africa, South America

Myo Cafe in Cork City is a haven embracing community and sustainability. They prioritize organic produce for their lovingly prepared dishes and support local suppliers. 

The cafe derives its name from the Buddhist chant “Nam-Myo-ho-Renge-Kyo,” reflecting their aspiration to create a space transcending intellect and stress. 

Myo uses high-quality Pascucci Coffee, sourced from the Italian family-owned business established in 1883. Through their commitment to mindful sourcing and a tranquil ambience, Myo Coffee invites patrons to connect, unwind, and savour the essence of life.

Visit the Myo Cafe website for more information.

12. Café Moly Cork City

cafe moly cork city
Photos via Cafe Moly
  • Location: Douglas Street, Cork City
  • Bean: South American, Asia, Africa

Cafe Moly in Cork City is a coffee lover’s haven, blending a speciality cafe, micro roastery, and barista academy. With in-house roasting on a 1kg Giesen roaster, they curate a unique selection of single origins and flagship blends, Jazz and Velvet. 

Jazz, a bold Colombian/Ethiopian fusion, bursts with fruity notes, while Velvet, a Brazilian/Indian blend, offers a smooth, nutty experience. 

Founded in South Korea in 2012, Cafe Moly Ireland emerged in 2020 on 99 Douglas Street, introducing a fusion of Korean and Irish coffee culture to Cork.

Visit the Cafe Moly website for more information.

13. Lab 82 in Cork City

Lab 82 Cork City
Photos via Lab 82
  • Location: Lower Glanmire Road, Cork
  • Bean: South America

Lab 82 in Cork City, strategically situated near Kent Train Station. It is a culinary laboratory born from founder Richie Fennelly’s quest to master the art of exquisite coffee and cakes in the Netherlands. 

Since opening in September 2018, Lab 82 has been a haven for serious foodies and coffee enthusiasts. With a commitment to creativity and quality, they infuse delicious ideas into their offerings, using premium produce from Ireland and beyond. 

The friendly and skilled staff ensure a delightful indoor and outdoor experience for fast and professional service.

Visit the Lab 82 website for more information.

14. Joes + Bros in Cork City

Joes and bros cork
Photos via joes + Bros
  • Location: Winthrop Street and the Lough, Cork City
  • Bean:  South America

Joes + Bros in Cork City reflects its founders’ camaraderie, conceived over summer dreams and high fives. This atmospheric hub results from the trio’s shared experiences in the service industry. 

Joes + Bros have a diverse menu featuring sandwiches, treats, smoothies, smoothie bowls, pancakes, salads, and breakfast/brunch options. 

Joes + Bros is more than just a cafe – it’s a dynamic space where people can gather, indulge in delicious fare, and enjoy the convivial spirit of Cork City.

Visit the Joes + Bros Website for more information.

15. Dukes Coffee Co. in Cork City

Dukes Coffee Cork City
Photos via Dukes Coffee
  • Location: Carey’s Lane, Cork City
  • Bean: South America, Africa

Dukes Coffee in Cork City, a family-owned gem since 2005, embodies a philosophy of inclusivity and comfort. With two bustling cafes on Carey’s Lane and in City Gate, Mahon, along with a catering business, Dukes has become a local institution. 

The secret to their loyal clientele lies in the exceptional staff—passionate baristas, cooks, and front-of-house experts. 

Beyond delivering the finest coffee and wholesome food, Dukes offers a warm welcome, ensuring every visit is a delightful experience for patrons who return time and time.

Visit Dukes Coffee’s website for more information.

16. Box’d Drive Thru

Box'd Cork City
Photos via Box’s Cork City
  • Location: Carrigrohane Rd, Cork
  • Beans: South American, Africa

Box’d Drive Thru Coffee in Cork City emerged during lockdown with a clear focus on providing convenient, quality coffee and confectionery while supporting local suppliers. 

This innovative venture aims for business success and job creation and contributes to the local community’s economic growth during testing times. 

Offering an outdoor coffee experience, Box’d features a delightful selection of brownies and sweet treats, complemented by coffee sourced from Soma. 

It’s a drive-thru destination that combines convenience, quality, and support for local businesses.

Follow Box’d Drive Thru Coffee on their Instagram.

17. Some Dose Coffee in Cork City

Some Dose cork city
Photos via Some Dose
  • Location: Turners Cross and Hanleys Cork
  • Bean: Africa, South America

Some Dose, a delightful Cork destination at Hanley’s and Turners Cross, began as a vegan-friendly venture in March 2020, initially with a food truck at Hanley’s in Frankfield. 

By 2022, the business expanded its reach. Led by Jarryd Kotze and his wife Tamzyn, Some Dose offers a treat for coffee and cake enthusiasts. 

Their coffee, crafted from freshly ground Roasted Brown beans sourced from Delgany, Co. Wicklow, ensures a flavorful experience in this vibrant, vegan-friendly establishment.

Follow Some Dose on the Instagram page.

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