21 Places for the BEST Brunch in Cork City

Best Places For Brunch in Cork City

Welcome to Retrobite Ireland! My name is JJ, and I am a Chef with over ten years of experience working in the hospitality industry. I aim to bring you a list of places that serve the Best Brunch in Cork City.

Today, we’re exploring Cork City’s brunch scene—a delightful experience in the heart of Rebel County. With some of the Best Restaurants in Cork City, Cork has become a hub for locals and visitors to savour the joy of brunch.

Discovering the perfect brunch spot here is like finding a unique, hidden place that stays with you. Whether you’re a brunch lover keen on trying the latest food trends or seeking a comfy spot for a laid-back weekend meal, Cork City has something for everyone.

This curated list will unveil all the places to find the best brunch in Cork City. These restaurants are fantastic for a tasty brunch or even lunch in Cork City. As the evening progresses, make sure you read my list of some of the Best Tapas Bars and Wine Bars in Cork City. Don’t forget the morning after, when you must find the best breakfast in Cork City.

Each spot is chosen for its unique menu, cosy ambience, and unmistakable Cork charm. If you are looking for a bottomless brunch in Cork City or a place to grab a tasty bite to eat, we have it all here. 

Join us as we explore the culinary delights that Cork City has to offer – where every brunch is an adventure waiting to happen!

Best Brunch in Cork City – Where to go.

1. The Farmgate Cafe

cork breakfast
photos via Farmgate Cork City

Nestled in Cork City’s historic English Market, Farmgate Café offers a unique brunch experience in a relaxed setting. Overlooking the market’s vibrant courtyard from its mezzanine location, Farmgate crafts seasonal menus sourced from local stalls and trusted producers. 

With a commitment to freshness, it’s an ideal brunch spot, delivering an authentic taste of the market’s best. 

Explore the rich history and flavours of Cork City at Farmgate, where each visit promises a delightful culinary journey in the heart of Ireland’s oldest covered food market. The Farmgate easily makes it on to any Best Brunch in Cork City list.

Visit the Farmgate website for more information.

2. Liberty Grill

Liberty Grill Cork Menu
photos via Liberty Grill

In the heart of Cork City, Liberty Grill offers a delightful brunch experience with a New England touch. Their all-day brunch menu features breakfast classics like French Toast and Eggs Benedict using only the freshest, locally sourced ingredients. 

As the day unfolds, savour additional delights, including flavorful burgers, healthy salads, and fresh seafood. This is one of the top locations for the Best Brunch in Cork City. They also offer a great range of breakfast dishes and easily make it onto my Best Places for Breakfast list.

Committed to ethical sourcing, Liberty Grill partners with local farmers for a diverse, mouthwatering brunch that embodies quality and taste, making it a must-visit destination for brunch enthusiasts in Cork City.

Visit the Liberty Grill website for more information.

3. The SpitJack Cork

spitjack restaurant cork city
Photos via Spitjack Cork

Nestled on Washington Street in Cork City, The SpitJack, led by Richard and Laura since 2017, is a haven for Irish flavours and Rotisserie Cooking expertise. 

Beyond its stellar local meat dishes, the brasserie shines with an enticing range of brunch delights. Experience the delectable SpitJack Classic – honey-glazed ham, poached egg, bacon dust on a sourdough bun with hollandaise. 

Try the Smoked Royal, showcasing Ballycotton smoked salmon, poached eggs, and hollandaise on sourdough toast. Embracing diversity, the menu extends to enticing vegetarian options. Enhance your brunch with refreshing drinks, including cocktails, prosecco, and non-alcoholic alternatives. 

The SpitJack Cork promises a complete and delightful brunch experience in the city’s heart, dishing out one of the best Brunch in Cork City.

Visit the Spitjack Cork for more information.

4. Cafe Spresso

cafe spresso cork city
Photos via Cafe Spresso Cork

Located in Cork City’s bustling heart, Cafe Spresso exudes an irresistible charm that beckons brunch lovers. This beloved cafe, a firm favourite on Cork’s culinary scene, has established itself as a brunch haven for over two decades.

Stepping into Cafe Spresso is like entering a realm of culinary delight. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee mingles with the irresistible scent of baked pastries, creating an inviting air that sets the stage for a memorable brunch experience. The cafe’s rustic charm, warm lighting, and artwork decorating the walls add a unique charm to the cafe.

Cafe Spresso’s brunch menu caters to a diverse palate, offering a range of Traditional Breakfast, Brunch and Lunch items and traditional Polish Fare. 

Their traditional Full Irish breakfast is a delight for those seeking hearty brunch. Cafe Espresso also offers a Small Irish Breakfast, a student breakfast and a range of scrambled egg dishes if you want something smaller.

The cafe’s commitment to fresh, locally sourced ingredients is evident in every dish. Each bite showcases their dedication to quality and flavour, from vibrant salads to succulent grilled meats.

Follow Cafe Spresso on Facebook for more information.

5. Lab 82

Lab 82 Cork City
Photos via Lab 82

Embark on a culinary adventure in Cork City’s vibrant scene with Lab82, where every dish tells a story inspired by the city’s rhythm. 

This haven for food enthusiasts infuses the highest quality Irish produce into a diverse menu that promises to offer the Best Brunch in Cork City. 

Whether you crave the indulgence of a full Irish breakfast or the innovative twist of Let’s Get Smashed with avocado, fried eggs, and chilli jam on a brioche bun, Lab82 caters to all tastes.

From the Spanish-inspired Lucha Libre to their signature Wafflehoff, featuring a Belgian waffle adorned with buttermilk fried chicken, crispy bacon, and maple syrup, Lab82 brings an array of flavours to satisfy both carnivores and vegetarian palates. 

With indoor and outdoor dining options, Lab82 is a must-visit destination, encapsulating Cork’s culinary spirit. I have also add Lab 82 to my best Coffee in Cork City list for their amazing coffee they serve.

6. The Bookshelf at the Elysian

The Bookshelf Cork City
Photos via The Bookshelf

Indulge in a sensory journey at Cork City’s Bookshelf at the Elysian, where coffee becomes an art form. Sourcing seasonal, award-winning beans from The Barn in Berlin, this community-centric coffee shop boasts exclusive rights to deliver an unparalleled coffee experience. 

Beyond the world-class brews, immerse yourself in the laid-back atmosphere guided by friendly staff and homemade delights crafted from locally selected ingredients. 

The famed Bookshelf Brunch is a culinary symphony featuring Coconut Porridge, Apple Pie Porridge, Granola Bowl, and the exquisite Bookshelf Benedict. 

With Sweet Waffles adorned with apple butter, whipped ricotta, and raspberry compote, Bookshelf at the Elysian promises a delectable journey into Cork’s vibrant culinary scene.

If you are looking for the Best Brunch in Cork City, visiting the Bookshelf at the Elysian won’t go wrong. Their amazing range of coffee also makes them one to visit for the best coffee in Cork City.

Visit the Bookshelf website for more information.

7. Tony’s Bistro

Tonys bistro cork city
photos via Tonys Bistro

Tony’s Bistro is one of those most loved places in Cork City for their all-day breakfast and brunch. Their Full Irish Breakfast is always my go-to spot when I want a treat.

Tony’s Bistro has a great atmosphere and has everything you want for a fantastic brunch. Their Poached egg on toast with hollandaise sauce is outstanding. They do a breakfast hash with potato, sausage, and black pudding topped with a fried egg that is to die for.

My number one choice is always their full Irish, but they do great pancakes, too. Tony’s Bistro is a great stop for the Best Brunch in Cork City. Tony’s Bistro also reaches my Best Places for Breakfast in Cork list.

8. Good Day Deli

Best Brunch in Cork City

Dive into a sustainable culinary haven at Good Day Deli, Cork City, where their commitment to healthy, local, and organic fare shines brightly. 

Infused with subtle South Pacific influences, co-owner Kristin’s roots from New Zealand and the Cook Islands add a unique flair to this casual cafe. The Good Day Deli is on my list of Best Brunch in Cork City for its unique and flavourful menu.

Offering a delectable brunch experience, their menu features a symphony of flavours, including Hibiscus Poached Pear Pancakes, Kia Orana Apple Bruschetta, Vibrant Vegan Trio, Chestnut Mushroom Scramble, Halloumi Stack, Green Turkish Eggs, and the enticing Smoked Mackerel Benny. 

Each bite reflects a dedication to sustainability, empowering patrons to make conscious food choices for the well-being of all and the environment.

For more information, visit the Good Day Deli website.

9. Dukes Coffee Company

dukes Coffee Company Cork
Photos via Dukes Coffee Company

Elevating Cork’s coffee culture since 2005, Dukes Coffee is a beloved family-owned gem with two vibrant locations on Carey’s Lane and City Gate, Mahon. 

Beyond exceptional coffee, Dukes embraces a philosophy of inclusivity and comfort. Their inviting spaces extend to a delightful brunch menu that captures the essence of culinary creativity. 

Each dish is a harmonious blend of flavours, from the enticing Smoked Salmon Potato Cake to the Vegan Breakfast Sourdough adorned with Beetroot Hummus and Spiced Mushroom. 

Indulge in the Traditional Breakfast, French Toast with Pear and Caramelized Almonds, or the refreshing Granola Breakfast – a testament to Duke’s commitment to culinary excellence and warm hospitality.

For more information, visit the Dukes Coffee Company website.

10. SALT food & wine

salt food and wine cork
Photos via Salt food and wine cork

Nestled in the heart of Cork City, Salt, Food and Wine, orchestrated by Stephane and Cece, is an intimate culinary haven with a promise of exceptional dining. 

Boasting a short stroll from the city centre, Salt celebrates local produce and offers an exquisite selection of wines, craft beers, ciders, and delightful coffees and teas. 

Open Wednesday through Sunday, the cafe presents a morning spread of coffee, pastries, breakfast, and lunch, complemented by a Friday to Saturday evening Bistro menu. 

Salt’s brunch menu is a symphony of flavours, featuring Eggs and Toast, Sunshine Granola and Fruits, Yummy French Toast, Eggs Benedict, Caponato Pancakes, Delicious Huevos Rancheros, and Shakshuka. With warmth and culinary finesse, Salt invites you to indulge in a charming gastronomic experience where every bite celebrates local goodness.

For more information, visit the Salt Food and Wine website.

11. 5 Points Cork

5points cork city
Photos via 5 Points Cork City

At 5 Points in Cork City, a dynamic duo – Richie Otto from New York and Montenotte’s own Ciaran Cronin – craft a culinary haven with a distinct New York theme. 

Renowned for its star attraction, freshly made bagels using an authentic New York recipe, this eatery encapsulates the essence of the Big Apple. The 5 points are a great choice for the Best Brunch in Cork City.

A breakfast haven, 5Points boasts top-selling delights like the Brekkie Bap and the irresistible Grilled Reuben. The menu shines with diverse options, including the Veggie Bap, Veggie Croissant, and the flavorful Brekkie Flatbread. 

Indulge in a taste of New York with every bite at 5Points, where the passion for food knows no bounds.

For more information, visit the 5points website.

12. The River Club

the river club cork city
Photos via The River Club Cork City

Nestled in the heart of Cork City, The River Club stands as a beacon of modern European culinary excellence, celebrating the art of produce-focused cooking. 

With a commitment to sourcing the finest ingredients from Cork’s coastal landscapes and fertile farmlands, their menu undergoes seasonal transformations to offer a gastronomic journey that mirrors the freshest produce available.

Beyond its reputation for contemporary European dining, The River Club beckons brunch enthusiasts looking for the Best Brunch in Cork City.

Indulge in the vibrant Mango & Turmeric Smoothie Bowl with pistachio and chia, or savour the classic English muffin with freshly squeezed orange juice, tea, or coffee. 

The menu boasts tempting options for those seeking a more indulgent brunch experience, like Belgian waffles, baked shakshuka, eggs benedict, Ballycotton smoked salmon and eggs florentine. 

Elevate your weekend with a visit to The River Club, where each brunch dish is a culinary masterpiece crafted with precision and passion.

For more information, visit the River Club Website.

13. Goldberg’s Cork City

Goldbergs Cork Menu
Photos via Goldbergs

Nestled in Cork City’s historic Jewish quarter, Goldbergs is a standout ‘New York Meatpacking’ style bar, blending cosmopolitan flair with local warmth. 

Chef Paul Stuart orchestrates a culinary symphony, emphasizing quality local ingredients, impeccable presentation, and unparalleled taste across their breakfast, lunch, and brunch menus. 

Revel in the distinctive ambience as Goldbergs welcomes you to a culinary haven where innovation meets tradition. The brunch menu is a testament to their culinary prowess. It features enticing options like the full breakfast, vegetarian full breakfast, Mexican breakfast burrito, hash of the day, eggs Benedict, avocado and chilli eggs, and American-style pancakes. 

Indulge in an extraordinary dining experience at Goldberg’s.

For more information, visit Goldberg’s restaurant website.

14. Cafe Gusto Cork

Cafe Gusto Cork
Photos via Cafe Gusto Cork

Established in 1999 by Marianne Delaney and Denis O’Mullane, Café Gusto in Cork City is a culinary haven rooted in the iconic O’Brien’s Coffee Shop since 1941. 

Marianne, a Cork native with international culinary expertise, elevates the cafe experience with a focus on exceptional coffee and food. 

Sourcing premium ingredients, especially from the neighbouring English Market, their brunch menu boasts delights like Ballybrado Organic Porridge, Homemade Granola, Waffles, Açaí Smoothie Bowl, and Eggs on Toast. 

Café Gusto epitomizes a fusion of tradition, creativity, and culinary excellence in the heart of Cork and is a great option for the Best Brunch in Cork City.

For more information, visit the Cafe Gusto website.

15. The Castle Cafe

Photos via the Castle Cafe

Nestled in historic Blackrock Castle, Cork, The Castle Cafe offers a family-friendly haven with Mediterranean flair. Embraced by scenic locales like Blackrock Village and the Observatory, it provides excellent value in a charming setting.

With a focus on locally sourced fish and meat, their brunch menu is a delightful exploration. Indulge in Hazelnut Granola, Buttermilk Pancakes, Rosscarbery Sausage and Bacon Bap, or the enticing Avocado Smash with poached eggs.

The Castle Cafe is a popular escape outside the city centre, promising an unforgettable brunch experience with friendly service and a flavour menu.

For more information, visit the Castle Cafe website.

16. Orso

Best place for Brunch in Cork City

Nestled in Cork City’s vibrant heart, Orso elevates the culinary scene with a captivating blend of Lebanese and Moroccan influences. 

Infused with bold flavours, their stylish and intimate neighbourhood restaurant offers a fresh, seasonal, and health-conscious menu. Local sourcing and in-house preparation define their commitment to quality. 

Amid the bustling energy of Cork, Orso introduces a brunch experience featuring tantalizing flatbreads with chicken shawarma and beef kofta alongside delectable hot bowls like chicken korma and bean tagine. 

Moroccan flair extends to sandwiches, such as the zesty lemon chicken and savoury chickpea falafel, making Orso a culinary haven for those seeking an adventurous and flavorful journey in Cork.

For more information, visit the Orso website.

17. 51 Cornmarket

51 Cornmarket Cork
Photos via 51 Cornmarket Cork

51 Cornmarket in Cork City epitomizes a culinary haven where seasonal local food is prepared with genuine respect and care. 

With a kitchen crafting dishes entirely from scratch, the restaurant forges close bonds with suppliers, ensuring a shared appreciation for culinary treasures. 

Embrace the changing brunch menu, featuring delights like Duck and Waffle, Caesar Salad, Warm Flapjacks, French Toast, Beef Carpaccio, and Brunch Chips. 

Every offer is a testament to their commitment to quality, making 51 Cornmarket a cherished destination for those seeking the Best Brunch in Cork City.

For more information, visit the 51 Cornmarket website.

18. De Calf Cork

de calf cork city
Photos via De Calf Cafe

Nestled on Cork City’s Cornmarket Street, De Calf Cafe is a brunch haven, serving delightful morning creations on weekdays from 8 am and Saturdays until 12:30 pm. 

Their diverse brunch menu includes grilled avocado on toasted sourdough with goat cheese and poached eggs. Bacon, Sausage, Egg Bap, and enticing offerings like scrambled eggs, homemade granola, American pancakes, and unique twists like homemade Jack McCarthy black pudding and sausage rolls. 

With a blend of standards and modern classics, De Calf is a cherished destination for those seeking a flavorful and diverse brunch experience in Cork.

For more information, visit the De Calf Facebook page.

Bottomless Brunch Cork City

If you are looking for a bottomless brunch in Cork City, these restaurants are where to go. Always check ahead to ensure they are still offering their bottomless brunch in Cork City.

19. Brick Lane

Brick Lane Cork City
Photos via Brick Lane Cork

Brick Lane has been serving amazing food in Cork City since July 2015. They have become renowned for their brunches and are the go-to spot for a bottomless brunch in Cork City. 

Nestled at 1-3 South Main St, its vibrant ambience and American-style cuisine set the stage for an unforgettable brunch experience. 

Weekends unveil a diverse menu, offering everything from indulgent buttermilk pancakes and a pancake sharing board to savoury choices like potato and chorizo breakfast, roast squash and spinach breakfast, breakfast bap, beans on toast, and an array of eggs benedict options. 

Brick Lane invites patrons to relish a brunch journey where creativity meets culinary excellence.

For more information, visit the Brick Lane website.

20. Dwyers Cork

trad musc cork
Photos via Dwyers Cork

Dwyers of Cork, located on Washington Street, is a vintage-style gastropub with a rich history dating back to 1820. It’s a fantastic spot for a bottomless brunch in Cork City, offering a great selection of dishes like eggs benedict, Belgian-style waffles, and tasty sandwiches.

Brunch is served daily from 12 noon, making it a perfect midday treat. Dwyers also features a popular cocktail bar with a variety of expertly crafted drinks.

Enjoy classics like Pornstar Martinis and Mojitos or try new favorites like the Strawberry Bubble and Chocolate Delight. Dwyers promises a delightful dining experience in the heart of Cork.

For more information, visit the Dwyers website.

21. Crawford and Co. Cork

bottomless brunch in cork city
Photos via Crawford & Co.

Crawford & Co., located in Cork City, is renowned as the home of Blurry Bird, Bottomless Brunch, and Wing Wednesday, making it a favorite among locals and visitors alike. As Cork’s No.1 Bottomless Brunch venue, it offers a lively and delicious brunch experience every Saturday.

Guests can savour signature brunch dishes and elevate their meals with bottomless bubbles. To enjoy this experience, bookings are required in advance, allowing for a relaxed two-hour brunch slot.

Beyond brunch, Crawford & Co. hosts the exciting Wing Wednesday. For those up for a challenge, the Hot Wing Challenge offers a fiery test of endurance, with a chance to join the winner’s circle. For a more laid-back evening, wing lovers can enjoy 20c wings all night long.

Crawford & Co. combines great food, a fun atmosphere, and unique events, making it a must-visit spot in Cork City for brunch enthusiasts and wing aficionados alike.

For more information, visit the Crawford & Co. website.

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