11 Best Tapas Bars in Cork: Small Bites, Big Delights 

Hello. I’m Chef JJ, and here is my list of the best Tapas Bars in Cork City. 

Cork City is very lucky to have some amazing Wine and Tapas Bars within walking distance of each other. I will give you my top list of the Best Tapas Bars in Cork to visit on your next evening out.

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Best Tapas Bars in Cork

MacCurtain Wine Cellar (MacCurtain Street)

tapas bar cork
Photos via MacCurtain Wine Cellar

Nestled in the heart of MacCurtain Street, Cork, MacCurtain Wine Cellar is a delightful family-run independent wine shop that seamlessly transitions into a wine bar in the evenings. 

This inviting space boasts an extensive wine selection, ranging from everyday delights to an evolving collection of fine wines and is a great option for a Tapas bar in Cork City. 

Beyond its role as a retail haven, MacCurtain Wine Cellar transforms into an intimate wine bar, serving tasty Tapas Cork City adores. As the evening unfolds, patrons can indulge in a tailored menu of tapas style sharing plates until 9:30 pm. 

Delicacies such as warm marinated olives, Burrata Mozzarella bread with Bresola, and marinated veg West Cork Saucisson create a harmonious symphony with the diverse wine offerings, making MacCurtain Wine Cellar a haven for wine lovers seeking a delightful fusion of wine and tapas Cork City has come to love.

For more information, visit the MacCurtain Wine Cellar website.

Nels Wine Bar (MacCurtain Street)

tabas bars in Cork City
Photos via Nell’s Wine Bar

Nell’s Wine Bar, nestled on MacCurtain Street in Cork City, is a charming Victorian-style haven with a cosy vibe. Here, they take pride in offering wines from producers who embrace natural, organic, and sustainable practices. 

Specializing in ‘old world’ wines, the menu evolves with Cork’s seasonal flavours, promising a fresh experience each time you visit. The atmosphere is welcoming, and the staff is both friendly and professional.

However, the show’s real star is the food – a small but impressive menu bursting with unique flavours and creative combinations. 

Each dish is a delightful explosion of tastes and colours, perfectly balanced to satisfy your palate. Notably, the OMahonys Lamb tostada with spiced salsa verde is a must-try standout when it graces the menu. 

At Nell’s Wine Bar, expect a delightful blend of inviting ambience, top-notch wines, and mouthwatering dishes for a memorable experience in the heart of Cork City. It deserves a top place on any list of the Best Tapas Cork City offers.

For more information, visit Nell’s Wine Bar website.

Jacques Restaurant (Oliver Plunkett Street)

Jacques Restaurant Cork
Photos via Jacques Restaurant Cork

Jacques Restaurant, right in the heart of Cork City on Oliver Plunkett Street, is a welcoming spot with 40 years of culinary history. They’ve strong ties to local growers and suppliers, ensuring they have Cork’s best ingredients. 

Their goal is simple: serving fresh and tasty Cork food in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. Think pork, beef, lamb, fresh fish, wild game, and delicious local cheese.

The restaurant takes pride in tracing its food and wines back to its independent makers. 

At Jacques, you’ll find a menu full of delightful small plates like Arancini Balls with wild venison, Ham Croquettes with Apple Chutney, and Skeaghnore Duck Salad. 

Take advantage of the nibbles, such as marinated olives and salted crackers and add a little touch of class to my list of Tapas Cork City Offers.

And if you’re up for sharing, they’ve got boards with veggies, meats, or cheeses to enjoy together. It’s a taste of Cork, served with a smile.

For more information, visit Jacques Restaurant’s website.

The River Club (Western Road)

The River Club Cork
Photos via The River Club Cork

The River Club Bar & Terrace on Western Road in Cork City brings a touch of effortless glamour to the scene, making it a lively spot to eat, drink, and socialize. 

The bar, bathed in natural light and adorned with glamorous touches, features a long mahogany bar serving up uniquely Cork-accented cocktails, bespoke high balls, and local Cork beers.

The focus is on small plates, perfect for sharing and starting conversations. From Ballycotton crispy fried calamari to Ardsallagh goat cheese tartlet and Harissa gambas pil pil, each dish on the evening bar menu (5 pm to 10 pm) is a delightful flavour journey. 

The River Club is not just a bar; it’s a vibrant destination where effortless elegance meets delicious Tapas Cork City has come to love. For a memorable experience, dine in this stylish tapas bar in Cork City.

For more information, visit the River Club website.

Paladar (Bridge Street Cork)

Paladar Cork City
Photos via Paladar Cork City

Another great Tapas Bar in Cork is Paladar restaurant. Paladar in Cork City is a lively Latin American-inspired cocktail bar and kitchen right in the heart of the action. Their goal is to bring the vibrant culture of Latin America to Cork through unique food, drinks, and music. 

In their first year, they earned a nomination for a prestigious Tales of the Cocktail award. They were crowned “Best Overall Bar” at the Irish Bar Awards. 

As the sister bar to the acclaimed Cask, Paladar doesn’t disappoint. Its uniqueness sets it apart from others on this list of Tapas Bars in Cork.

The food – they’ve got a fantastic selection of small plates like Deep deep-fried empanadas and Coxinhas with Habanero chilli oil. 

If you want to share, check out their Tacos de Pollo, Beef Costilla, and pan-fried Argentinean prawns called Camerones. 

Paladar is where Latin American flavours meet Cork City’s vibrant atmosphere for a memorable experience.

For more information, visit the Paladar website.

Cask (Isaacs Hotel, MacCurtain Street)

Cask Cork City
Photos via Cask Cork City

Cask Tapas Bar in Cork is a captivating haven in Cork City’s Victorian Quarter on MacCurtain Street, it emerged in February 2017, breathing life into a splendidly renovated building with a rich history. 

As the sister venue to Hotel Isaacs Cork and Greenes Restaurant, Cask infuses the vibrant atmosphere with an effortless blend of style and creativity. 

Renowned cocktail consultant Andy Ferreira, at the helm of an experienced team, has turned Cask into an award-winning destination celebrated for its ingenuity.

At Cask, the soul of the experience lies in the constantly evolving seasonal drink menu meticulously curated by manager and mixologist Andy Ferreira. 

Every twelve weeks, the menu transforms to reflect the bounty of Ireland’s wild ingredients, crafting cocktails that tell the unique stories of Cork. Sustainability is woven into Cask’s ethos, evident in their exclusive use of local and Irish ingredients, even omitting citrus to align with eco-friendly practices.

Collaborations with Irish producers, such as Killahora Apple Port and Johnny Falls Down cider, add a distinctive local touch.

The culinary journey at Cask extends to the menu, featuring delectable nibbles such as Panna Bakery Bread with Tequila Butter, Tapenade, and Smoked Pesto. 

Shareable dishes like Crab Apple Pork Belly and the Tayto Chicken Sandwich, served with flair and creativity, make Cask a must-visit destination. Cask is your destination for those seeking a unique blend of inventive libations and delightful bites in the heart of Cork City.

For more information, visit The Cask website.

Tedo Tapas Bar Cork (Princes Street)

tapas cork
Photos via Tedo Tapas Cork

Tedo Tapas Bar Cork, nestled on Princes Street in Cork City, is a dynamic haven for culinary explorers. This Tapas Wine Bar invites patrons to savour a world tour of flavours, offering an excellent selection of wines, craft sangrias, and enticing small plates. 

Renowned for its popular Tapas stack, the menu boasts global delights like Arancini, Italian Meatballs, Korean Chicken Tenders, Peking Duck Rolls, and Beef Enchiladas. The small plates menu further enriches the experience with treats such as Mexican Chilli Prawns, Patatas Bravas, Thai Basil Shrimp, and Greek Chicken Roll-ups. T

edo Tapas Bar creates a vibrant atmosphere, making it a go-to destination for diverse and delicious global cuisine in Cork.

Arthur Mayne’s Wine Bar (Pembroke Street)

Arthur Maynes Wine Bar
Photos via Arthus Maynes Wine Bar

Arthur Mayne’s Wine Bar in Cork City is a delightful fusion of history, character, and culinary excellence. With minimal changes to its original ground floor, this charming bar uniquely blends old-world charm and contemporary flair. 

Behind the counter, patrons can explore an impressive selection of wines and peruse a captivating collection of medicines and apothecary items spanning 120 years. 

Offering a versatile experience, Arthur Mayne’s is an ideal spot for afternoon coffee, late-night dining until 1:30 am, or a visit to the enticing cocktail bar upstairs.

Adjacent to Crane Lane Theatre, it stands as one of Cork’s finest late-night dining destinations. The cocktail bar crafts handcrafted delights, complemented by a tempting tapas menu featuring cheese and meat boards, Chicken Liver and Brandy Pate, Hummus, Marinated Mozzarella, Pesto Crostini, and Pan con Tomato. 

With its historical ambience and culinary treasures, Arthur Mayne’s Wine Bar is a must-visit gem in the heart of Cork City.

St Lukes Wine Tavern (Wellington Road)

St lukes wine tavern
Photos via St Lukes Wine Tavern

St. Luke’s Wine Tavern in Cork City offers a captivating rendezvous with Mediterranean flavours in a warm and inviting setting. 

Nestled in the charming St. Luke’s neighbourhood, this rustic gem boasts exposed brick walls and ambient lighting, creating an intimate atmosphere for a delightful dining experience. Known for its reasonable prices and ample portions, it’s a go-to spot for casual dining with a touch of sophistication.

The outdoor seating option allows patrons to savour their meals al fresco, enhancing the dining charm. Live music on selected nights adds a melodic note to the ambience, perfectly complementing the extensive wine list. 

The menu celebrates Mediterranean cuisine, featuring flavorful tapas dishes like gambas pil pil, chorizo, and croquettes, alongside highly recommended pizzas, including the classic Margherita and zesty pepperoni options. 

With attentive and friendly staff, St. Luke’s Wine Tavern is a haven for those seeking a tasteful blend of culinary delights and inviting surroundings in the heart of Cork City.

Iberian Way (Douglas)

Iberian Way Douglas
Photos via Iberian Way Douglas

Iberian Way in Douglas emerges as a culinary haven in response to Ireland’s growing appetite for premium gastronomic offerings. Born from a passion for exquisite cuisine, the establishment fulfils this demand by curating and distributing high-quality products from the Mediterranean kitchen, a rarity in conventional grocery stores. 

The Deli’s section becomes a unique tasting sanctuary, showcasing original and handcrafted delicacies that transcend the ordinary.

Patrons can savour these distinctive flavours on-site and bring the gourmet experience home with freshly made dishes. By day, Iberian Way operates as a vibrant shop and Deli. 

At the same time, evenings unveil a modest yet inviting space where delightful tapas take centre stage. This dual identity caters to those seeking exceptional products and those desiring a cosy evening of fabulous tapas in the heart of Douglas.

Tapas Cork

Cork City is a vibrant hub for tapas enthusiasts, offering a diverse array of tapas bars that capture the essence of this Spanish culinary tradition. Cork boasts some of the Best Restaurants in Cork City, all within walking distance of each other.

These establishments, scattered throughout the city, provide a unique and social dining experience where small, shareable plates showcase a variety of flavours and ingredients.

From classic Spanish dishes to innovative and fusion creations, Cork’s tapas bars boast a wide-ranging menu. If you are looking for one of the Best Places in Cork for Lunch, a bite for Brunch in Cork City, or to grab a cup of the Best Coffee in Cork, Cork has it all.

The ambience in these establishments ranges from cosy and rustic to contemporary, creating an inviting setting for patrons to enjoy a leisurely evening with friends or family.

Many tapas bars in Cork also feature an extensive selection of wines, cocktails, and other beverages, enhancing the overall experience.

Whether nestled in the historic quarters or part of the city’s modern culinary scene, tapas bars in Cork contribute to the city’s reputation as a gastronomic hotspot, offering a taste of Spanish flair in the heart of Ireland.

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