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Cheap Restaurants in Cork City

Cheap restaurants in Cork City are easy to find if you know where to look. Yes, you could quickly head down to the local McDonald’s or Burger King, but I think we can do a little better than that. Here, I will compile a list of Cheap Restaurants in Cork City that deliver great-tasting food at fantastic value.

I will cover a range of restaurants to give you a broad list of Cheap Restaurants in Cork City that serve great food. I will also give you a list of locations, prices, and the type of cuisine served to make the choice a little easier when picking a restaurant on a budget.

List of Cheap Restaurants in Cork City

1. Bunsen Cork City

cheap restaurants in cork city
Photo via Bunsen Cork
  • Location: 4 French Church St.
  • Price Range: 10 to 15 euros
  • Cuisine: Burgers & Fries

Bunsen is one place that is at the top of my list of cheap restaurants in Cork City. The food there is of fantastic value and packed full of flavour. Located on French Church Street in Cork City this is one place you have to try not only for good value but for great burgers.

You can easily get any burger at Bunsen for under 10 euro and for just under 4 euro you could throw in some fries. Considering you will pay over 6 euro for a flavourless Mcdonals burger, a Bunsen burger you couldn’t even compare.

My choice is to skip the fries and go all in for their double cheeseburger which is just under 12 euro. You will be pushed to finish it, and the quality is outstanding. Bunsen is a prime example of getting excellent quality for food that won’t break the bank.

2. Burritos & Blues Cork City

cheap restaurants cork city burritos and blues
photos via Burritos and Blues
  • Location: Marina Market Cork City & Paul St. Centre
  • Price Range: 5 to 10 euros
  • Cuisine: Mexican

Another one to add to the best cheap restaurants in Cork City is Burritos & Blues over by Tesco Paul Street. This snazzy little eatery is a perfect place for a bite to share with a friend or partner, and you can get a lot for around 10 euros.

For a little over 5 euros, you can get Nachos with black beans, veg salsa and meat, which is excellent value. Take it up a notch and choose from a Burrito, burrito bowl, hard taco shells or quesadilla with a choice of filling for less than 8 euros.

Their burrito bowl silver bullet is my favourite, coming in at under 7 euros, which is perfect for cheap eats in Cork.

3. White Rabbit Cork

white rabbit bbq cork city
photos via white rabbit
  • Location: MacCurtain Street & Marina Market Cork City
  • Price Range: 12 to 15 euros
  • Cuisine: BBQ Food

The White Rabbit, located on MacCurtain Street in the Victorian Quarter, is a fantastic place serving excellent BBQ food that has to be on my list of cheap restaurants in Cork City. They have an extensive list of BBQ food with various prices that may suit someone on a budget.

You will spend around 12 or 13 euros here for a wide selection of meals. My personal favourite is their hot links with two sides for 13 euros. The range of BBQ food offers is outstanding, from pulled pork to beef brisket sandwiches.

4. Tonys Bistro Cork

Tonys bistro cork city
photos via Tonys Bistro
  • Location: North Main Street, Cork City
  • Price Range: 8 to 15 euro
  • Cuisine: Irish Bistro style

For breakfast or a great full Irish Fry, then Tonys Bistro on North Main Street is the place to go. Tonys Bistro is on my list for one of the best places to grab an all-day breakfast. At just under 9 euros, Tonys Bistro is easily added to the list of cheap restaurants in Cork City.

Tonys Bistro is your go to location for cheap eats in Cork when on a budget and looking for a delicious breakfast.

5. Wok’n’Roll Cork City

woknroll cork city
photos via WokNRoll
  • Location: Marina Market Cork City & Paul St. Centre
  • Price Range: 12 to 18 euros
  • Cuisine: Chinese

If you are looking for amazing-tasting Chinese, Woknroll on Gran Parade in Cork City is the place to visit. The food there is delicious and authentic and won’t cost you the end of the world. Their award-winning Pad Thai is a must-try when visiting WokNRoll, and at 13 euros, you can’t beat the quality and price.

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My Name is JJ Sheridan, born in Cork Ireland but spent most of my childhood in County Tipperary. I've been a Chef for a large number of years and have worked in a number of award winning restaurants. I love using local ingredients whenever possible in my food so that I can showcase the best of Irish. My passion is to share with you the best restaurants across Ireland from a Chefs perspective. For many years restaurants have been at the hands of the "food critic". Most of the time these critics will visit the same old restaurants and heap praise on them. Often forgetting about the smaller restaurants who are paving the way for Irish Cuisine. My Goal is to higlight all restaurants, especially the ones the so called food experts never visit and give you a complete list of the best Irish Restaurants to visit.

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