Sizzling Sensations: BBQ Food in Cork City You Can’t-Miss

Welcome to Cork City, where culinary delights meet smoky, savoury goodness. If you’re a fan of BBQ cuisine, you’re in for a treat! Cork City’s BBQ scene is sizzling hot and gaining popularity among food enthusiasts. From finger-licking ribs to succulent pulled pork sandwiches, Cork’s BBQ restaurants offer a mouthwatering adventure that’s hard to resist.

In this blog post, we will my list of some of the best places to eat in Cork serving excellent BBQ Food in Cork City. Whether you’re a local looking for your next BBQ fix or a visitor eager to explore Cork’s vibrant food culture, our guide will introduce you to the must-visit BBQ spots in town. 

Get ready to indulge your taste buds and discover the smoky, flavorful world of Cork’s BBQ restaurants. Let’s dive in!

BBQ Food in Cork City

Below, I will list some of the best BBQ Food destinations in Cork City with a brief description.

Read further for more detailed information on each BBQ Food business in Cork City. I will give you prices and recommendations for each business.

  1. Holy Smoke BBQ: Located on Little Hanover Street, Holy Smoke is a popular BBQ restaurant in Cork City known for its delicious smoked meats and Southern-style barbecue dishes.
  2. The Spitjack: Situated on Washington Street, The Spitjack offers a variety of BBQ and grill dishes, including rotisserie-cooked meats and wood-fired pizzas.
  3. White Rabbit Bar & BBQ: On MacCurtain Street, White Rabbit is known for its tasty BBQ fare, craft beers, and vibrant atmosphere.
  4. Sober Lane Cork: This bar and restaurant on Sullivan’s Quay serves various American-style BBQ dishes and drinks.
  5. Coqbull Cork: While not exclusively a BBQ joint, Coqbull offers a selection of BBQ-inspired dishes on its menu. They are situated on French Church Street.
  6. Captain Americas: This restaurant, located on South Main Street, is known for its American-style cuisine, including BBQ options like ribs and burgers.
  7. Son of a Bun: Although primarily a burger joint, Son of a Bun on McCurtain Street often features BBQ-infused burger creations.
  8. Elbow Lane Beer & Smoke HouseNot your typical BBQ joint, Elbow Lane is renowned in Cork for their in-house brewed beers, stouts, and great food. They have unique smoked baby back ribs and fantastic steaks.

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BBQ Restaurants Cork City

BBQ food in Cork City has become extremely popular over the last few years. We are blessed to have so many choices regarding great-tasting BBQ Food.

Here, I will go into further details of the above BBQ businesses and give you prices and recommendations on their food.

Holy Smoke BBQ Cork City

Holy Smoke BBQ is an award-winning BBQ joint located in Cork City. Located in the Mardyke Entertainment complex, this is one of the best BBQ venues where you can make a night of it.

Holy Smoke BBQ take their food to another level, cooking low and slow of open flame for between 4 and 16 hours. This always ensures you are getting fall-apart meats packed full of fantastic flavour.

Sourcing their meat from all local producers, Holy Smoke uses their own in-house dry rub, which they apply before cooking low and slow. The cuts of meat are then basted with a herb brush to add layers of flavour.

Holy Smoke BBQ serves some of Cork’s best wet baby back ribs, and their brisket burnt ends and pulled pork are on another level.

Along with these excellent BBQ treats, you can also order a range of beef, pork or chicken burgers, and they have vegetarian and vegan options.

I recommend going with two meats, one side dish, and getting burnt brisket ends and baby back ribs. You won’t be sorry you did.

Price: You want to pay between 16 and 22 euros for a perfect main and side.

The Spitjack Restaurant

The Spitjack Restaurant is a culinary gem that promises a unique dining experience. At the core of its offerings is the art of rotisserie cooking and wood-fired BBQ, creating flavours that are nothing short of exceptional. Spitjack differs from what you would consider a traditional BBQ restaurant; it’s slightly more polished.

Their menu is where The Spitjack truly shines. The centrepiece of their offerings is rotisserie-cooked meats. From succulent chicken to tender lamb, the meats are slowly roasted to perfection over an open flame. This method imparts a smoky depth of flavour and an irresistibly crispy skin that’s hard to resist.

In addition to the rotisserie delights, The Spitjack offers wood-fired pizzas that are nothing short of mouthwatering. The wood-fired oven imparts a delightful smokiness and char to the pizza crust, making every bite a heavenly experience.

While the menu is a culinary adventure, a few dishes deserve special mention. The rotisserie chicken, perfectly seasoned and juicy, is a crowd favourite. If you’re a pizza enthusiast, their wood-fired creations, such as the classic Margherita or inventive gourmet options, are to be noticed.

Price: Between 19 and 25 euros for mains, up to 30 if you want to go with steak.

White Rabbit Bar & BBQ

White Rabbit Bar & BBQ is where the irresistible allure of barbecue cuisine meets the lively atmosphere of a modern bar. This establishment is not just a place to eat; it’s an experience that combines mouthwatering BBQ flavours with a buzzing social scene.

White Rabbit Bar & BBQ serves up an enticing array of BBQ dishes that cater to every palate. The menu is designed to please, from succulent smoked meats to flavorful barbecue sauces and various tempting sides.

The smoked meats, painstakingly prepared to perfection, are a testament to the art of barbecue. Each dish embodies the essence of great BBQ, from juicy ribs to mouthwatering pulled pork and brisket with a smoky, tender bite.

Price: from between 7 and 15 euros for mains

Sober Lane Cork City

Located in the heart of Cork City, Sober Lane Cork isn’t just a bar and restaurant; it’s a lively hub where the love for BBQ cuisine seamlessly blends with the spirit of a fun-filled night out.

Sober Lane Cork brings its twist to BBQ-inspired dishes. While not exclusively a BBQ joint, they offer a variety of dishes infused with smoky, savoury flavours.

Their BBQ fare includes a range of dishes like ribs, pulled pork sandwiches, and burgers with a distinct BBQ flair. These dishes are perfect for those looking to satisfy their barbecue cravings while enjoying the spirited atmosphere of Sober Lane.

Though Sober Lane Cork offers a diverse menu to cater to various tastes, their BBQ items are worth a try. The ribs are a standout option, generously coated in a flavorful sauce and cooked to perfection. The pulled pork sandwiches are also known for their mouthwatering appeal.

Price: You will pay between 7 and 15 euros

Coqbull Cork City

Situated in the heart of Cork City, Coqbull Cork is a dining destination that celebrates the fusion of two beloved culinary worlds: burgers and BBQ. It’s a place where flavours collide; every dish tells a story of indulgence and creativity.

Coqbull Cork is known for its inventive take on classic burgers, and while it’s not exclusively a BBQ restaurant, it infuses BBQ elements into its menu. The result is a delightful blend of flavours and textures that caters to a wide range of tastes.

On the menu, you’ll find a variety of burgers, each carefully crafted with quality ingredients and inspired flavour combinations. Some of these burgers incorporate smoky and tangy BBQ sauces, making them a tempting option for BBQ enthusiasts.

Price: between 15 and 25 euros

Captain Americas Cork City

Captain Americas is an American-style restaurant that brings the spirit of the USA to the heart of Ireland. With its all-American menu and lively ambience, it’s a dining destination that offers a taste of the United States right in the heart of Cork.

Captain America is celebrated for its diverse menu that pays homage to American culinary traditions. While it isn’t exclusively a BBQ restaurant, it offers a selection of American-style BBQ dishes that cater to various tastes. From hearty ribs to juicy burgers and BBQ-infused sandwiches, you’ll find a slice of American comfort food on the menu.

Their BBQ dishes often feature tender and smoky meats coated in rich and savoury sauces, reminiscent of the BBQ traditions found in the southern states of the USA. Whether you’re a BBQ enthusiast or simply looking for authentic American cuisine, Captain Americas offers flavorful options to satisfy your cravings.

Price: between 15 and 25 euros or 36 and 38 if you go with steak

Son of a Bun Cork City

Son of a Bun is a burger joint redefining the art of burger-making. With a commitment to quality ingredients, creativity, and a dash of culinary innovation, it’s where burger lovers find their dream patties.

While Son of a Bun isn’t exclusively a BBQ restaurant, it’s known for infusing BBQ-inspired flavours into its burger creations. The menu boasts an irresistible selection of burgers crafted with care and precision. Some feature smoky BBQ sauces, perfectly grilled meats, and innovative toppings that elevate the classic burger to new heights.

For those craving BBQ-infused goodness, the BBQ-inspired burgers at Son of a Bun are a must-try. These burgers often combine the richness of BBQ flavours with the juiciness of perfectly cooked patties, creating a mouthwatering experience that satisfies your burger cravings.

Price: between 10 and 15 euros

Elbow Land Beer & Smokehouse Cork City

Elbow Lane Beer & Smoke House is a culinary and beer lover’s paradise that combines the art of craft brewing with the magic of smokehouse cuisine. This hidden gem is where you’ll discover a unique dining experience that marries the finest brews with tantalizing smoked dishes.

Elbow Lane takes craft beer seriously, and their on-site brewery produces an array of exceptional brews. From hoppy IPAs to rich stouts and everything in between, their craft beer selection caters to every palate. It’s the ideal spot for beer enthusiasts eager to explore new and innovative flavours.

While Elbow Lane may not be exclusively a BBQ restaurant, it offers an irresistible selection of smoked dishes to please BBQ enthusiasts. The menu features a range of smoked meats, each prepared to perfection using traditional smoking techniques. The result? Tender and flavorful dishes that showcase the magic of slow cooking.

Among the menu highlights are the smoked meats, often featuring ribs, brisket, and pork shoulder, all infused with rich, smoky flavours. These dishes are complemented by various sauces and sides, creating a symphony of taste that’s nothing short of heavenly.

Price: between 19 and 28 euros.

There you have it, a list of some of the best places in Cork City to get BBQ food. 

This list showcases some of the best BBQ Restaurants in Cork City, and the future of BBQ will only improve as the years go on.

I hope you enjoy your time out, and I have given you enough information to pick the best BBQ restaurant in Cork City to dine out in.

Thank you for visiting, and hope you have a great time eating fantastic BBQ.

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