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A full list of the Pubs in Cork City Centre.

Welcome to my list of the best Pubs in Cork City Centre. If you search for the perfect pint and the most welcoming atmosphere, you’re in for a treat. This guide will unveil some of Cork’s hidden gems and the best pubs for food and drink.

From the historic charm of Mutton Lane to the lively beats of Dwyers of Cork, each venue on our list offers a unique experience worth savouring. If you are looking for the best pubs with live music In Cork, or a place that serve the Best Pub Food in Cork, we have it all.

So, tighten your seatbelts and get ready for a journey through the best Pubs in Cork City Centre, where every sip tells a tale and every corner invites you to join Cork’s rich pub-going tradition.

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Best Pubs in Cork City

1. Mutton Lane:

Best bars in cork city
Photos via Mutton Lane

Firs on our list of best Pubs in Cork City Centre is Mutton Lane. Located off St. Patrick’s Street in Cork City down a side lane towards the English Market, the revered Mutton Lane Inn is a living testament to the city’s pub heritage. This loved establishment, dating back centuries, is renowned for its historic charm and cosy ambience. 

Once a passageway for livestock en route to the bustling English Market, Mutton Lane now beckons patrons seeking a unique blend of tradition and friendliness. 

Voted among Cork’s best, the pub invites with its warm, dimly lit interiors and carefully curated beer selection, stouts, and spirits. Mutton Lane: where history and hospitality converge, promising an unforgettable experience for those who seek to visit one of the best Pubs in Cork City Centre.

2. Dwyers of Cork:

trad musc cork
Photos via Dwyers

In the heart of Cork City, Dwyers is a living tribute to a bygone era of enterprise. Established in 1820 by James Dwyer, this historic venue occupies the building that housed his initial drapery and haberdashery business on Washington Street.

Once an empire employing thousands, today, Dwyers of Cork embodies a legacy of quality service and warm hospitality. Honoring James Dwyer’s entrepreneurial spirit, the venue blends tradition with modernity.

With a commitment to great food and a welcoming atmosphere, Dwyers is one of the best Pubs in Cork City Centre offering customers a chance to enjoy a pint or savour classic cocktails.

3. Clancys:

Live Music Cork
Photos via Clancys

Next on our list of the Best Pubs in Cork City Centre is Clancy’s. Nestled in the heart of Cork, Clancy’s isn’t just a venue; it’s the beating pulse of the city’s rich history. Post a 2019 makeover, it’s Cork’s go-to gastropub, uniting locals for every occasion.

Beyond its prime location, Clancy’s is where business collides, victories toast, friendships rekindle, and love stories unfold. Crafted by skilled mixologists, the drinks menu mirrors local favourites.

With an all-day dining affair spanning brunch to dinner and nightly live music, Clancy’s is a symphony of flavours and sounds.

The Marlboro Bar hosts the city’s best live acts. At the same time, the intimate Whiskey Bar offers a snug setting for camaraderie and sports spectating.

4. An Brog:

An Brog Cork
Photos via An Brog

An Brog, nestled in the heart of Cork on Oliver Plunkett St., stands as the epitome of entertainment and camaraderie. This award-winning pub pulsates with live music, vibrant DJs, and a kaleidoscope of entertainment, welcoming patrons seven nights a week.

As the ultimate club-in-a-pub experience, An Brog opens its doors late, treating guests to a lively blend of sounds. HD big screens broadcast all sports, while Monday nights come alive with a spirited table quiz at 9 pm.

A recent addition to its offerings, An Brog now serves delicious pizzas, providing the perfect backdrop for unforgettable nights of conversation or dancing to the beats of jazz and electric music. An Brog is a must-visit location in the City and is always one of those go to Pubs in Cork City Centre

5. Reardens:

Reardens Cork
Photo via Reardens Cork

Since 1835, Reardens has been Cork’s enduring icon, gracing Washington Street with its lively charm. As Cork’s largest bar venue, it’s a sanctuary for live music, entertainment, and sports enthusiasts, boasting a mega screen for match excitement.

This historic gem radiates an inviting atmosphere with eccentric corners and seating areas, from the warmth of an open fire to the thrill of the mega-screen. Adorned with GAA and Rugby memorabilia, Reardens proudly reflects its deep sports roots.

The venue transforms, offering diverse experiences—whether sipping cocktails, dancing, or simply relishing the rich history and vibrant energy. Join Reardens for an electric night, support your team, or savour a delightful meal and drink in one of the best pubs in Cork City Centre.

6. The Washington Inn:

Best Pubs in cork
Photos via Washington Inn

Nestled on Cork’s vibrant Washington Street, the Washington Inn has been a beloved local gem since its doors swung open in November 1987. This welcoming Irish pub near the courthouse boasts unassuming yet charming interiors, drawing in patrons for its spacious ambience.

A cherished haunt for Cork locals, it’s the go-to spot for a hearty pint. Open daily from early afternoon until midnight, the Washington Inn exudes a traditional charm that captures the essence of Cork City.

Its reputation for great pints and warm, inviting atmosphere makes it a timeless haven for those seeking a quintessential Irish pub experience in the city’s heart. If you are looking for one of the Best Pubs in Cork City Centre, you will be happy you stopped off at the Washington Inn.

7. The Old Oak:

best pubs in cork city centre
Photos via The Old Oak

Nestled on Oliver Plunkett Street in the heart of Cork City, the Old Oak is a vibrant hub for music enthusiasts. With live performances every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday, complemented by DJs on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights, it’s a haven for those seeking rhythmic experiences throughout the week.

Indulge in bar food served daily as you soak in the lively atmosphere. Upstairs unveils Cyprus Avenue, a dedicated live music venue hosting national and international acts nightly.

This dynamic establishment seamlessly weaves the charm of Oliver Plunkett Street with an unwavering commitment to delivering a memorable and melodic experience to patrons. The Old Oak is one of the Best Pubs in Cork City Centre for live music and events.

8. Goldbergs Bar Cork:

best bars in cork
Photos via Goldbergs Bar Cork

Next on our list of the Best Pubs in Cork City Centre is the iconic Goldbergs Bar. In the heart of Cork’s historic Jewish quarter, Goldbergs is a unique ‘New York Meatpacking’- style bar that warmly embraces locals and visitors alike. Celebrate life’s milestones, from birthdays to bar mitzvahs, in a setting that promises something different.

With a backdrop of DJs and live music, Goldbergs on the docks offers a distinctive party experience with an unmatched atmosphere. Head Chef Paul Stuart curates breakfast, lunch, and brunch menus, prioritizing quality local ingredients and exquisite presentation.

Whether it’s a lively celebration, a delicious meal, or a casual pint, Goldberg’s beckons as your inviting port of call as a stop off to one of the best Pubs in Cork City Centre

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Best Gastro Pubs in Cork City

These gastro pubs in Cork are amazing venues where chefs use the best local ingredients to make super tasty dishes. If you are looking for pub grub then any of these locations will hit the spot.

If looking for amazing Cork hospitality, then grab a bite to eat in any of these pubs in Cork City Centre.

1. Gallagher’s Cork

Photos via Gallaghers Cork

Located in Cork City, Gallagher’s is more than a gastro pub – a culinary haven crafted by a creative and passionate team. Behind the scenes, they’ve toiled to present a menu that mirrors their dedication to perfection.

Using locally sourced produce, they’ve transformed dishes into culinary delights, like the Franciscan Well ‘Chieftain IPA’-battered fish and the signature Beef and Beamish Stout Pie. Every bite is a celebration of quality and community support.

Gallagher’s is not just a place to dine; it’s an invitation to savour the flavours of Cork, served with a side of genuine passion. You will be glad you visiting this amazing gastro pub in Cork.

View Gallagher’s Menu on their website.

2. Dwyers of Cork

Gastro pub cork
Photo via Dwyers

Dwyers Gastro Pub Cork is one of the best pubs in Cork City Centre and a culinary gem. Operating seven days a week from noon, their menu is a symphony of Leeside favourites—think eggs benedict, Belgian-style waffles, and delectable sandwiches.

What truly elevates Dwyers is the famed pancake-sharing board, a selection of American-style delights. Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and Bank Holidays unveil the Bottomless Brunch, a delightful pairing of unlimited Prosecco or Mimosas with your chosen dish.

From Buttermilk-marinated Southern Fried Chicken Burger to the timeless Classic Beef Burger, Dwyer’s sources are local and cater to all dietary needs, ensuring each visit is a gastronomic delight.

Visit Dwyer’s Website to view their Menu.

4. The Woodford

The Woodford Cork City
Photos via The Woodford

Nestled in Cork City, The Woodford is a culinary haven where passion meets perfection. Their menu is infused with love and meticulous attention. It boasts the finest locally sourced ingredients, courtesy of the nearby English Market.

A symphony of traditional and internationally influenced favourites unfolds, featuring delights like the Buttermilk Chicken Burger & Spiced Chips, hearty Chowder, Revolution IPA Battered Fish & Chips, and the classic Steak Sandwich & Chips.

This Cork gastro pub transcends ordinary dining, offering diverse flavours to satisfy every taste. At The Woodford, gastronomy becomes an art, creating an unforgettable culinary experience in the heart of Cork City.

Visit the Woodford Website to view their menu.

5. Sober Lane

Sober lane cork city
Photos via Sober Lane

Sober Lane, the heartbeat of Cork City, is more than a gastro pub; it’s a spirited experience. Nestled in the city’s core, it pulsates with life. It offers a delectable menu featuring mouthwatering burgers, goujons, wings, nachos, and inventive vegan options.

Elevating the bar scene, their in-house mixologist concocts exciting cocktails, enhancing the lively atmosphere. It is a haven for sports fans and provides the ultimate setting for live game viewing.

Sundays bring a delightful twist with a coin toss, a chance to win rounds from the exuberant staff. Sober Lane isn’t just a pub; it’s a gastro adventure, where every visit promises flavoursome delights and a wild, unforgettable vibe.

Visit Sober Lanes Tasty Menu.

What is the smallest pub in Cork city?

The Hibernian Bar or more lovingly known as the Hi-B Bar in Cork City is Cork’s smallest pub. Opened in the 1860s on Oliver Plunket Street across from the General Post office it’s one of Corks Most loved watering holes.

What time do pubs shut in Cork?

Pubs in Cork close at 12:30 am 7 days a week. Pubs can apply for a late bar license to remain open until 2:30 am.

Is Cork good for pubs?

Cork City has a wide selection of pubs to meet everybody’s needs. From pubs playing traditional Irish music and gastro pubs serving some of the best food in Cork. You won’t be disappointed when looking for a great pub in Cork City to suit your mood.

How many pubs are there in Cork City?

Believe it or not, Cork City has over 900 pubs, which is huge considering Dublin has over 700. In Cork City you will find little and large pubs almost everywhere. Some you may even pass and not even know they are there.

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