7 AMAZING Cobh Restaurants: A Chefs Guide to Cobh

Cobh Restaurants

While visiting Cobh, you will find many exceptional Cobh restaurants, from traditional Irish and European to Asian ones. The standard of food available in Cobh is top quality.

I lived in Cobh for over 14 years, and in that time, I had the pleasure of eating in almost all of the Cobh restaurants in the town. For visitors, there are plenty of things to do in Cobh to keep everyone amused.

Here, I will go through my list of the best restaurants in Cobh that I believe are the best places to eat in Cobh. I will give you a list of Cobh Restaurants that stand out from the crowd and deliver fantastic food. If you are looking for food on the go, read my article on the Best Takeaways in Cobh where I list the best places to eat in Cobh for food on the go.

Cobh Town

Cobh, formerly known as Queenstown, is a charming Irish town on the sunny south side of the Great Island in Cork Harbour. The town has some unique scenic locations for visitors to enjoy. 

From the fantastic St Colemans Cathedral to the colourful row of houses known as the “Deck of Cards”. The views of Cork Harbour, Spike Island and Haulbowline Island take your breath away.

Cobh is a fantastic destination to visit. Being the only Cruise Terminal in Ireland, it is a stop-off point for many cruise liners visiting our beautiful Country.

Cobh is steeped in history, from acting as a significant military port for Britain for decades to being the last port of call for the Titanic on his maiden and only voyage.

Traditional Irish Restaurants in Cobh

Titanic Bar & Grill Cobh

Cobh Restaurants Titanic Bar and Grill
Photo via Titanic

The Titanic Bar and Grill in Cobh is more than just a place to dine – it’s a journey into history. Housed in what was once the ticketing office for The White Star Line, where tickets for legendary ships like the Titanic were purchased, it’s a living piece of maritime history.

Stepping inside is like being transported back in time, where echoes of a bygone era seamlessly blended with contemporary style and warmth. The building’s past as a gateway to great ocean voyages is noticeable, creating a classy and informal atmosphere.

Their bar area offers comfortable seating where you can savour a quiet drink or indulge in their award-winning Java coffees and teas. 

The large dining area is a pleasant mix of old-world charm and modern flair, creating a setting where history meets the present.

Their impressive deck area is a superb addition to The Titanic Bar and Grill. Here, you can dine “al fresco” and soak in breathtaking views of Cork Harbour. 

The Titanic’s cheerful staff are dedicated to ensuring your visit is not just a meal but a memorable experience and one of Cobh Restaurants you will remember with happiness. The Titanic is on of the best places to eat in Cobh for those wanting to glimpse a bit of history.

Visit the Titanic Bar & Grill Website for more information.

The Quays Bar & Restaurant Cobh

Restaurants in Cobh The Quays
Photos via The Quays

Another addition to my list of Cobh Restaurants is the Quays Bar & Restaurant in Cobh. The Quays Restaurant in Cobh has recently been renovated, making visiting it even better. They’ve got a more significant outdoor seating area with a BBQ grill and a new covered patio that’s heated – perfect for any event.

Situated right on the waterfront in the heart of Cobh, The Quays offers stunning views of Cork Harbour. The relaxed atmosphere makes it a favourite for both locals and visitors. It’s not just a restaurant; it’s an experience you will remember.

The focus here is on fresh seafood, and the menu has something for everyone, whether you’re there for brunch or dinner. Imagine digging into favorites like Fish & Chips or the Quays Tasty Beef Burger. 

The Quays know how to cater to different tastes. They have menus for finger foods, BBQ delights, and formal dinners, so you can choose what suits your mood. 

Don’t miss the chance to dine at The Quays – it’s not just about the food; it’s about enjoying great views, a friendly atmosphere, and a fantastic meal. The Quays offer guests a chance to dine in one of the best places to eat in Cobh, with amazing views of the harbour.

Visit the Quays Website for more information.

Jacob’s Ladder Restaurant Cobh

Where to eat in Cobh
Photos via Jacobs Ladder

When you enter Jacob’s Ladder Restaurant at the WatersEdge Hotel in Cobh, prepare for a fantastic dining experience. The restaurant faces the stunning Cork Harbour, offering you a beautiful view. At the same time, you enjoy your meal in a modern and fresh setting.

What makes Jacob’s Ladder special is the use of top-notch local ingredients from Cork in their menu. Try their fantastic fresh Irish mussels in a white wine and herb sauce, or savour the deliciousness of their traditional Irish beef stew.

Conveniently located a short walk from the train station, with street parking available, Jacob’s Ladder is easy to reach. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, this restaurant combines excellent accessibility with fantastic food and a picturesque view of the waterfront. Jacobs Ladder is one of the best places to eat in Cobh for its incredible food, all within walking distance of the local train station.

Visit Jacobs Ladder Website for more information.

O’Sheas Bar & Bistro Cobh

Best Cobh Restaurants
Photos via O’Sheas Bar

O’Sheas Bar at the Commodore Hotel in Cobh, you’re in for a delightful experience. This stylish spot offers a chance to enjoy fantastic bar food and a cosy setting in one of Cobh’s most stylish restaurants.

The Commodore Hotel is filled with history and offers stunning views of the promenade leading to the harbour. Now, let’s talk about the food. O’Sheas serves delicious bar classics, from comforting lasagna, fish, and chips to more flavorful options like hot garlic prawns and curries.

But it’s not just about the food. O’Sheas takes pride in pouring some of the best pints in town. The customer service is exceptional, making your visit a pleasant one. Whether you’re after a tasty meal, a refreshing drink, or both, O’Sheas Bar at the Commodore Hotel is a must-visit spot in Cobh.

On my list of Cobh Restaurants, O’Sheas Bar in the Commodore is the one I recommend to tourists if stopped on the street. Its one of the best places in Cobh to relax with a pint of guinness and fantastic food.

Visit O’Sheas Website for more information.

Chinese Restaurants Cobh

Hong Kong Kitchen Cobh

Chinese Restaurant cobh
Photos via Hong Kong Kitchen

Tucked along the main road by West Beach in Cobh, The Hong Kong Kitchen has been a go-to spot for excellent Chinese food for over a decade. As you step in, you’ll find a cosy restaurant decorated in traditional Chinese style, creating a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere.

Let me tell you about their star dish—the Meat Sung. It’s a delightful mix of pork and fried noodles served in little lettuce cups, and trust me, it tastes fantastic. If you’re into fried rice, theirs is considered one of the best in town. And don’t miss out on the flavorful Singapore chow mein; it’s a real treat for your taste buds.

Whether you’re a regular customer or a first-timer, The Hong Kong Kitchen offers a warm and authentic setting in which to enjoy delicious Chinese cuisine in Cobh. It’s a spot where good food and a friendly atmosphere come together for a satisfying dining experience. Hong Kong Kitchen is one of the best places to eat amazing Chinese food along the main street in Cobh.

Visit Hong Kong Kitchen Facebook page for more information.

Wan Fu Chinese Cobh

Chinese Food Cobh
Photos via Wan Fu

Located in the old town hall on Lynches Quay in Cobh, Wan Fu Chinese Restaurant is a fantastic spot for delicious Chinese food. It’s not just a takeaway – it’s a place where you can sit and enjoy a great meal in a modern and comfortable setting.

Their menu is like a treasure trove of classic and modern Chinese dishes. Picture this: you can savour traditional flavours, and one dish that stands out is their signature Half Crispy Duck Cantonese Style. It’s a must-try, showcasing their expertise in the kitchen.

So, whether you’re in the mood for familiar favourites or want to explore something new, Wan Fu in Cobh is ready to serve a delightful dining experience. It’s where good food meets a cosy atmosphere for a tasty and enjoyable meal.

Visit Wan Fu Chinese Website for more information.

China Sea Restaurant Cobh

china Sea Cobh
Photos via China Sea

In the Bella Vista Hotel on Spy Hill, The China Sea Chinese Restaurant in Cobh offers breathtaking views of Cork Harbour. The China Sea is a Restaurant in Cobh that has been serving delicious Chinese cuisine for over a decade, and you can dine in or take away.

One of the perks? On-site parking is available using the hotel’s car park, making it super convenient. Now, let’s talk about the menu – it’s a flavorful journey with traditional Chinese dishes like Beef and Black Bean Sauce or zesty Salt and Chili Chicken Wings.

Whether you’re a local or just passing through, China Sea Chinese Restaurant is not just about the food; it’s an experience where tasty dishes meet a picturesque setting on Spy Hill. It’s a go-to place for those craving authentic Chinese flavours and a lovely view of Cork Harbour.

Visit China Sea Restaurant for more information.

Cobh Restaurants

In the charming town of Cobh, dining is not just about food—it’s an experience. Each Cobh Restaurant tells a unique story, from the historic Titanic Bar & Grill, where you step back in time, to the modern and comfortable Jacob’s Ladder Restaurant with its stunning waterfront views.

O’Sheas Bar at the Commodore Hotel invites you to enjoy tasty bar food in a stylish setting. At the same time, The Quays Bar & Restaurant offers a delightful mix of fresh seafood and an inviting ambience along the waterfront.

For a taste of the Far East, Hong Kong Kitchen, Wan Fu, and China Sea Chinese Restaurant bring the flavours of China to Cobh, each with its unique touch.

So, whether you’re savouring traditional Irish fare, enjoying a pint in a historical setting, or exploring the diverse flavours of Chinese cuisine, these Cobh restaurants will deliver every time. It’s a place where history, culture, and culinary delights come together for an exceptional experience.

What is Cobh Famous for?

Cobh is famous for numerous things, such as being the last port of call for the RMS Titanic. It is the home of famous boxer/singer/actor Jack Doyle. Survivors and deceased from RMS Lusitania were brought ashore when a German U-boat sank the ship. The first Irish immigrant, Anne Moore, to pass through the immigration centre on Ellis Island in NY left from Cobh in 1892.

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