Hana Marina Market Cork: The Best Korean BBQ Food in Cork

Hana is one of the Marina Market’s newest food stalls to join the long list of exquisite food producers in the Marina Market in Cork. Focusing on Korean BBQ food, Hana brings a unique flavour and style to the already wide selection of food producers in the Marina Market.

A sister business to Poulet Vous, you can be guaranteed to have a very high standard of food packed full of flavour and will become another excellent option for lunch in Cork City.

I was lucky enough to be their first customer when they opened their doors to the public in the Marina Market this week. They had a few technical difficulties on the day, which delayed their opening, but it was great to see them finally ready to serve.

I ordered their Kimchi Fries at €8 and their Spicy Pork Belly Taco at €12.50.

Hana Menu
Hana Korean BBQ Food Menu

Hana Fries

Hana’s Kimchi fries are pretty big in size with crinkle-cut chips. The chips are then layered with cheese sauce and their “Gouchuang Mayo”. This is then topped with their own caramelised Kimchi. The fries’ portion size was enough for a meal on their own, and the cheese sauce and Gochujang Mayo were addictive.

Hana Marina Market’s Kimchi is unlike any other kimchi I have tasted. It wasn’t overly spicy and had a minimal sour flavour that you would typically associate with kimchi. It was sweeter with a little bit of heat and really complemented the fries; it’s a perfect kimchi for those wanting to try it for the first time. The size and flavours are worth the price of €8.

As an addition, you can also add Chicken or Pork for an extra €4 or Beef for €5, making this already large dish more substantial and something I’ll have to go back and try (which I did and they are amazing; see image for proof).

Hana Korean BBQ Food Kimchi Fries
Hana Kimchi Fries with Chicken

Hana Tacos

When I went on the day, they only had their Spicy Pork Tacos, so I ordered a portion to see the flavours. Their spicy pork is marinated in fermented garlic and chilli and adds a massive amount of flavour.

The pork is wrapped in a soft flour tortilla along with Ssamjang, yuzu slaw, Korean Cucumbers, caramelised kimchi and gochujang mayo. You get three spicy pork tacos for €12.50, which, for the quality of the Spicy Pork and filling, is worth the price.

When they first opened, Hana originally served their Tacos using a Mexican Corn Tortilla, which I found overpowered the dish. I’m glad they have changed over to a soft flour Tortilla, which allows all the flavours of the taco to sing. The change shows that Hana knows their food and adapt it to customers taste.

The flavour of the pork combined with the slaw, cucumbers, kimchi and gochujang mayo is outstanding. The pork was tender and packed full of flavour, and the slaw added a nice fresh punch to it.

Hana Korean BBQ
Bulgogi Beef Tacos

More on Hana Marina Market

Since they have opened, I have had the chance to return and try a few more dishes. I have had their Kimchi Fries with added chicken and their Bulgogi Beef Tacos. The portion size of these dishes is more than enough to fill you up. I wouldn’t be able to manage the fries and tacos together, so choose one or the other.

Their Kimchi fries on their own are outstanding, but the addition of chicken or beef fills you up. The blend of their kimchi and sauces makes this dish packed full of flavour.

The Bulgogi Tacos are outstanding. I have to say I absolutely love their kimchi. I’m used to and love kimchi that has a real kick of chilli and a sour taste. Hana’s kimchi is more balanced and doesn’t jump out at you as a strong flavour in the dish; it complements it.

Their breakfast menu is unique, and I have to say I love the spicy Korean pork sausage. I have tried it in their smashed gyozas, and it’s a perfect breakfast treat. Not too spicy, packed full of flavour, and with the addition of hash browns, kimchi and their chilli crisp dip, it’s perfect on the go and filling but not over the top.

Hana is slowly becoming one of my favourite stalls in the Marina Market.

hana marina market breakfast
Hana Smash Breakfast Dumplings

Hana Menu

Hana Marina Market’s menu is small but offers some great choices for Korean BBQ food. They have a breakfast menu that starts from 9 am to 12 pm. It should be interesting to see how much business they get with their breakfast menu. The Marina Market can get busy sometimes, but traffic can be pretty low early in the morning. Hopefully, offering more breakfast options will entice a few more people in.

Hana Breakfast Menu

Their breakfast menu consists of the following items:

Breakfast Sandwich €9

Koren spiced pork sausage or maple hoisin bacon, fried egg, pickles, American Cheese and gochujang mayo on a toasted English Muffin.

Smashed Breakfast Dumplings €9

Korean spicy pork sausage, smashed gyozas, chilli crisp dip with caramelized kimchi.

Breakfast Tacos €9

Korean spicy pork sausage or maple hoisin bacon, cheesey scrambled eggs and ssamang.

Taco Menu

Hana’s Taco menu is as follows:

Bulgogi Beef Taco €14.50

Thinly sliced Bulgogi (Korean BBQ Beef), which has been marinated in a sweet soy, sesame and garlic sauce in a Soft Flour Tortilla with Ssamjang, yuzu slaw, Korean Cucumbers, caramelised kimchi and gochujang mayo.

Spicey Pork Belly Taco €12.50

Fermented chilli and garlic pork belly in a Soft Flour Tortilla with Ssamjang, yuzu slaw, Korean Cucumbers, caramelised kimchi and gochujang mayo.

Korean BBQ Grilled Chicken €12.50

Grilled chicken thighs in a gochujang bbq sauce with shredded mozzarella with Ssamjang, yuzu slaw, Korean Cucumbers, caramelised kimchi and gochujang mayo.

Hana Sides Menu

Hana offers the following sides:

Kimchi Fries €8

Crinkle-cut fries with caramelised kimchi, cheese sauce and gochujang mayo. You can add chicken or pork for an additional €4 or beef for €5

Crinkly Cut Fries €4.50

Crinkle-cut fries with Korean BBQ salt.

Korean Corn Cheese €5.50

Sweetcorn and cheese sauce topped with shredded mozzarella, caramelised kimchi and gochujang.

Kimchi €2

Spicy fermented nappa cabbage.

Cheese Sauce €3

Homemade Triple blend cheese sauce

Korean Pickled Cucumbers €2.50

Spicy cucumber pickles with sesame

Crispy Chilli Oil €1

Homemade crispy chilli oil

Gochujang Mayo €1

Crispy Chilli Mayo €1

I think Hana will bring something fresh to the Marina Market, and with their breakfast offering, I hope it will bring in more people early in the mornings. Setting up a Korean BBQ stall and trying to sell breakfast is a bold move, but in my book, BBQ is for any time of the day.

They have massive competition from their sister business, Poulet Vous, and maybe their Korean BBQ might be too similar to Poulet Vous’s Korean street food.

Who knows, but I wish them all the best with their venture, and I will watch how they adapt and change their menu to suit the Marina Market customers.

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