Cork Italian Restaurants: Savoring the Flavours of Italy

cork italian restaurants

As a chef, I love eating out in some of the best Cork Italian Restaurants. In Cork, we are blessed with some fantastic Italian restaurants and pizzerias. Here is my list of the best Italian Restaurants in Cork City. For more information on each restaurant, read further down the post.

Italian Food Cork

Italian food is super popular, and Cork City has some excellent Italian restaurants that we really love. They use the best ingredients from Cork, making the food even better.

In this blog post, we’ll show you around the Italian restaurants in the heart of Cork City. From cute trattorias to real osterias, we’ll check out the different foods, special dishes, and incredible experiences these Italian spots offer.

So, whether you’re a local looking for tasty adventures or a visitor excited to find the best Italian restaurants in Cork City, come with us as we discover the yummy world of Italian food in Cork. I hope this guide helps you find your favourite Italian restaurant in Cork City.

Best Italian Restaurant Cork City

These Cork Italian Restaurants are on my list of must-visit Italian restaurants in Cork City.

Il Padrino Restaurant

Cork italian restaurant Il Padrino
Images Via Ill Padrino

Location: Cook Street. Price: €5 – €30. 

Il Padrino Restaurant in Cork City invites you to a cosy and rustic place filled with beautiful Italian art. This lovely spot serves real Italian food, including favourites like Carbonara and tasty Pizza.

At Il Padrino Restaurant, you can choose from many Italian wines, and they also have some from Chile and France to add a bit of variety.

They make sure to follow traditional recipes so every bite bursts with delicious flavours. Il Padrino is both high-quality and affordable, making it a popular choice for people who want a real Italian meal without spending too much.

It’s a great spot to enjoy tasty dishes in a friendly and warm atmosphere, giving you a taste of Italy right in the heart of Cork City.

Click the Link to view Il Padrinos Menu.

Luigi Malones Cork

Luigi Malones Restaurant Cork City
Photos via Luigi Malones

Location: Emmet Place. Price: €7 – €35.

Luigi Malones in Cork City offers a unique fusion of Irish and Italian flavours. The restaurant boasts a cosy and welcoming ambience, blending traditional Irish charm and Italian warmth.

 Its diverse menu features a mix of classic European dishes and Italian favourites, offering something for everyone. There’s a delightful variety, from chicken Fajitas to flavorful pasta dishes. Luigi Malones balances its pricing, making it suitable for casual diners and those looking for a special evening out. It’s the ideal spot to savour a fusion of two beloved cuisines in the heart of Cork City.

Click the link to view Luigi Malones Menu.

Bocelli Italian Kitchen & Wine Bar

bocelli cork
photos via Bocelli Italian Kitchen & Wine Bar

Location: Maylor Street. Price: €8 – €30. 

Bocelli in Cork City is a delightful culinary destination that combines elegance and Italian authenticity. The restaurant’s decor exudes sophistication with a modern twist on classic Italian aesthetics, creating a stylish yet comfortable atmosphere.

The Cuisine at Bocelli Cork is a true celebration of Italian flavours, offering an extensive menu that includes everything from artisanal pasta dishes to gourmet pizzas and exquisite seafood. Bocelli Cork is known for its exceptional wine selection, enhancing the dining experience.

While Bocelli Cork caters to a range of budgets, it’s considered moderately priced, making it accessible for those seeking high-quality Italian Cuisine in an upscale setting.

Click the link to view Bocelli Italian Kitchen & Wine Bar Menu.

Ristorante Rossini

Ristorante Rossini Italian Restaurant cork
photos via Ristorante Rossini

Location: Princes Street. Price: €6 – €30.

Ristorante Rossini in Cork City is a special find for Italian food lovers. The restaurant has a cosy and private feel with nice lighting and pretty Italian decorations, making it a fancy place to eat.

The menu is like a trip through Italian cooking, with many tasty options from classic to modern dishes. Rossini has the best Italian flavours, from delicious pasta to yummy seafood and tender meats. It’s a bit fancy but affordable so many people can enjoy it.

Rossini is a real treat for those who want a true taste of Italy in Cork City.

Click the link to view Ristorante Rossini’s Menu.

Da Mirco Osteria Italian Restaurant

Da Mirco Osteria Italian Restaurant
photos via Da Mirco Osteria Italian Restaurant

Location: Bridge Street. Price: €32 – €39 per person. 

Da Mirco Osteria Italian Restaurant in Cork City is an authentic Italian gem. The restaurant’s ambience blends rustic charm and cosy elegance, creating an authentic Italian atmosphere.

The Cuisine at Da Mirco Osteria celebrates Italy’s culinary heritage with a menu brimming with traditional dishes crafted from the finest ingredients. From handcrafted pasta to sumptuous seafood and exquisite desserts, every bite is a taste of Italy.

While it offers a touch of luxury, Da Mirco Osteria is reasonably priced, ensuring patrons can savour Italy’s flavours without breaking the bank. It’s a must-visit for Italian food lovers in Cork City.

Click the link to view Da Mirco Osteria Italian Restaurant Menu.


scoozi restaurant cork city
photos via Scoozi

Location: Winthrop Street. Price: €5 – €20.

Scoozi Restaurant in Cork City gives you a lively Italian dining experience. The place has a relaxed and modern look with a fun atmosphere, perfect for hanging out.

They serve tasty food that mixes classic and new Italian flavours, including different pasta dishes, wood-fired pizzas, and creative appetizers. Scoozi makes sure to use fresh, local ingredients to make every dish really flavorful.

The restaurant has different prices, so it’s good for everyday meals and special times. If you want a bit of Italy in a stylish place, Scoozi Restaurant in Cork City is a great spot for a memorable meal.

Click the link to view Scoozis Menu.

Italian Pizza Cork


burnt pizza restaurant cork city
photos via BURNT Pizza

Location: Princes Street: Price: €7 – €20. 

BURNT Pizza in Cork City is a trendy pizzeria with a unique twist. The decor is modern and edgy, featuring an open kitchen where you can watch your pizza being prepared in a wood-fired oven.

Their cuisine focuses on gourmet, Neapolitan-style pizzas with inventive toppings and a perfectly blistered crust. From classics to creative combinations, BURNT Pizza caters to diverse tastes.

Prices are reasonable, making it an excellent choice for both pizza lovers and those seeking a casual dining experience without compromising quality. For a contemporary take on pizza in a stylish setting, BURNT Pizza is a must-visit in Cork City.

Click the link to view BURNT Pizza’s Menu.

Pompeii Pizza Cork

Pompeii Pizza Cork city
photos via Pompeii Pizza Cork

Location: Sundays Well (Inside Franciscan Well BrewPub) Price: €11 – €25.

Pompeii Pizza Cork is a cosy pizzeria that brings a slice of Italy to the heart of Cork City. The decor is simple and inviting, with a focus on showcasing the star of the show – their delicious pizzas. The Cuisine is centred around authentic Neapolitan-style pizza, known for its thin, chewy crust and high-quality toppings. From classic Margheritas to inventive creations, Pompeii Pizza’s menu caters to pizza lovers of all tastes. Prices are wallet-friendly, making it a go-to spot for a quick and satisfying pizza fix without breaking the bank. For pizza lovers, Pompeii Pizza Cork is a delightful slice of heaven.

Click the link to view Pompeii Pizza Menu.

Frankie’s Slice Shop

frankies slice shop cork city
photos via Frankies Slice Shop

Location: South Mall (the box) Price: €5 – €35. 

Frankie’s Slice Shop in Cork City is a haven for pizza enthusiasts seeking a casual and laid-back dining experience.

The decor is minimalist, emphasizing the focus on their delectable pizza offerings. They specialize in New York-style pizza slices, known for their large, foldable slices and wide variety of toppings. Whether you prefer classic pepperoni or adventurous combinations, Frankie’s has something to satisfy every craving.

Prices are incredibly budget-friendly, making it an ideal spot for a quick and delicious meal on the go or a late-night pizza fix. Frankie’s Slice Shop is a top choice in Cork City for affordable and mouthwatering pizza slices.

Click the link to view Frankie’s Slice Shop Menu.

Bella Napoli

bella napoli Italian restaurant cork city
photos via Bella Napoli

Location: Academy Street Price: €5 – €23. 

Bella Napoli in Cork City is an Italian trattoria that radiates warmth and authenticity. The decor is rustic and inviting, with exposed brick walls and cosy wooden furnishings, creating a charming ambience reminiscent of Italy.

The Cuisine at Bella Napoli celebrates traditional Italian flavours, offering a menu filled with classic pasta dishes, wood-fired pizzas, and flavorful seafood options. With a commitment to quality, their dishes burst with the richness of Italian ingredients.

Prices at Bella Napoli are reasonable, ensuring patrons can enjoy an authentic Italian meal without straining their budget. Bella Napoli is a top choice in Cork City for an Italian culinary journey in a cosy setting.

Click the link to view Bella Napoli’s Menu (link brings you to their website and the menu is a pdf)


best italian restaurant cork city - Milano cork city
photos via Milano

Location: Oliver Plunkett Street Price: €16 – €20.

Milano in Cork City offers a contemporary take on Italian dining. The decor is sleek and modern, with a stylish, comfortable, and cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Their Cuisine combines traditional Italian recipes with innovative twists, featuring a diverse menu of handcrafted pizzas, fresh salads, and delectable pasta dishes. Milano takes pride in using high-quality, locally sourced ingredients to ensure an authentic and flavorful experience.

While it maintains an air of sophistication, Milano’s pricing is accessible, making it suitable for various occasions. For those seeking a taste of Italy in a trendy setting, Milano in Cork City delivers a delightful and memorable dining experience.

Click the link to view Milano’s Menu.

Best Italian Restaurants Information

  • Il Padrino Restaurant – Location: Cook Street. Price: €5 – €30 Extensive wine list – casual dining, you feel like you are in Italy.
  • Luigi Malones Cork – Location: Emmet Place. Price: €7 – €35 Trendy, casual dining. Not 100% Italian, they have Fajitas, burgers and more.
  • Bocelli Italian Kitchen & Wine Bar: Location: Maylor Street. Price: €8 – €30 Great wine list, classic Italian, Early Bird Menu Available
  • Ristorante Rossini: Location: Princes Street. Price: €6 – €30 Fantastic antipasti selection, traditional Italian, casual dining.
  • Da Mirco Osteria Italian Restaurant: Location: Bridge Street. Price: €32 – €39 per person – stylish, casual dining, True Italian experience
  • Scoozi: Location: Winthrop Street. Price: €5 – €20 Family restaurant, burgers, pizza, pasta
  • BURNT Pizza: Location: Princes Street: Price: €7 – €20 Classic Naples Pizzaria, great or takeaway
  • Pompeii Pizza Cork: Location: Sundays Well (Inside Franciscan Well BrewPub) Price: €11 – €25 wood-fired pizza, perfect for takeaway
  • Frankie’s Slice Shop: Location: South Mall (the box) Price: €5 – €35. There is very little indoor seating, and the best pizza on the go
  • Bella Napoli: Location: Academy Street Price: €5 – €23. Authentic Italian experience, takeaway menu available
  • Milano: Location: Oliver Plunkett Street Price: €16 – €20 Very Casual dining, suitable for pizza

Italian Restaurants in Cork City

Italian restaurants in Cork have become a tasty treasure in the lively dining world of Cork City. From the classy charm of Ristorante Rossini to the cosy feel of Da Mirco Osteria and the affordable, modern style of Scoozi, these places show off the variety and greatness of Italian food in Cork.

You can enjoy the flavours of Italy at Bella Napoli, grab a budget-friendly pizza at Frankie’s Slice Shop, or try the mix of Irish and Italian food at Luigi Malones – Cork City has an Italian restaurant for every taste and occasion.

Deciding the best Italian restaurant in Cork is a personal choice since each one has its own charm and yummy dishes. But one thing is for sure – the Italian food in Cork City is really, really good.

So, whether you’re a local or a visitor, dive into Italy’s rich and authentic tastes right here in Cork. Let your taste buds go on a super tasty adventure through the best Italian restaurants in Cork City.

Buon appetito!

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