Top 10 Restaurants in Dublin Docklands: A Foodies Paradise 2024

My name is Chef JJ, and here you will find my list of the top Restaurants Dublin Docklands offers. My list of the Top 10 Restaurants in Dublin Docklands gives you a variety of excellent restaurants, the type of cuisine, and the price range to expect. 

I have worked in several award-winning restaurants over the years. You will enjoy any of these restaurants from my list below.

List of 10 Best Restaurants in Dublin Docklands

  • MV Cill Airne
  • Herbstreet
  • Charlotte Quay
  • MacKenzie’s
  • As One
  • Harbourmaster
  • Forbes Street by Gareth Mullins
  • Milano
  • Brewdog Outpost Dublin
  • Urban Brewing

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Dublin Docklands Food Scene

Nestled along the sparkling waters of the River Liffey, Dublin Docklands is a vibrant and ever-evolving neighbourhood that beckons food enthusiasts from far and wide. This thriving area is more than just a hub of commerce; it’s a culinary paradise where flavours worldwide converge to create an unforgettable dining experience.

With a rich history rooted in maritime trade, Dublin Docklands has transformed into a dynamic epicentre for business and leisure. Its historic warehouses and contemporary skyscrapers provide a unique backdrop for a flourishing food scene that offers a little something for every palate.

This blog post will take you on a delectable journey through the Dublin Docklands’ top 10 restaurants of 2023. These culinary gems offer sumptuous dishes and provide insight into the heart and soul of this ever-evolving urban landscape. 

So, whether you’re a local foodie or a visitor seeking gastronomic adventures, join us as we explore the top restaurants that make Dublin Docklands a true haven for those with an appetite for culinary excellence.

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Top Restaurants Dublin Docklands

MV Cill Airne

Price Range €9 – €35

Restaurants in Dublin Docklands cill airne
Photos via Cill Airne

The MV Cill Airne in Dublin is a dining destination that marries elegance with culinary delight. Set aboard a beautifully restored ship, this Restaurant offers a unique ambience, with panoramic views of the River Liffey and the cityscape. 

The cuisine is a fusion of modern Irish and international flavours, featuring fresh seafood and locally sourced ingredients. Diners can savour seafood chowder, sirloin steaks, and decadent desserts. 

While it provides a premium dining experience, it is moderately priced, making it accessible for those looking to indulge in fine dining without breaking the bank. MV Cill Airne is a charming riverside gem in Dublin’s culinary scene.

Visit MV Cill Airne Menu.

Herbstreet Restaurant

Price Range €6 – €20

top restaurants dublin docklands herbstreet
Photos via Herbstreet

Herbstreet, located in Dublin, is a culinary gem that blends modern dining with a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere. Herbstreet focuses on fresh and locally sourced ingredients; the cuisine leans towards contemporary Irish and European flavours.

Their menu caters to diverse tastes, from hearty brunch options to delectable dinner selections. The ambience is characterised by large windows flooding the space with natural light, creating a warm and inviting setting. 

The moderate prices make Herbstreet an ideal choice for those seeking quality dining without the hefty bill. Herbstreet offers a memorable and affordable culinary experience in Dublin, whether a casual brunch or a special dinner.

Visit Herbstreet Website.

Charlotte Quay Restaurant

Price Range €21 – €45

Docklands restaurants Charlotte Quay Restaurant
Photos via Charlotte Quay Restaurant

Charlotte Quay Restaurant in Dublin is a captivating culinary destination that combines contemporary Irish cuisine with stunning waterfront views. The menu is a fusion of traditional and modern Irish dishes, strongly emphasising fresh seafood and locally sourced produce. 

The Restaurant’s elegant interior, adorned with chic decor and large windows overlooking the Grand Canal Basin, sets a serene and sophisticated ambience. 

While it offers a fine dining experience, prices are relatively upscale, making it suitable for special occasions or a luxurious night out. 

Charlotte Quay’s impeccable cuisine and picturesque setting make it a sought-after spot for those looking to indulge in Dublin’s culinary treasures.

Visit Charlotte Quay’s Website.

MacKenzie’s Restaurant

Price Range €10 – €40

docklands restaurants
Photos via MacKenzie’s Restaurant

MacKenzie’s Restaurant in Dublin is a hidden gem for those seeking a cosy, intimate dining experience. This charming eatery specialises in classic Irish/Mediterranean cuisine, serving braised beef, grilled seabass and wood-fired steaks. 

The warm and inviting ambience, with wood accents and soft lighting, creates a perfect backdrop for a relaxed meal. Prices at MacKenzie’s are upscale, making it an attractive destination for special occasions packed full of taste.

Whether you’re a local looking for comfort food or a visitor wanting to taste traditional Irish flavours with a twist, MacKenzie’s Restaurant offers a delightful culinary journey.

Visit MacKenzie’s Menu.

As One Restaurant

Price Range €7 – €22

Docklands as One restaurant
Photos via As One

As One Restaurant in Dublin is a culinary haven where modern European cuisine meets chic sophistication. The menu at As One is an irresistible fusion of European flavours focusing on fresh, locally sourced ingredients. 

Its contemporary interior, adorned with sleek design and ambient lighting, exudes a cosmopolitan charm. While it offers a casual dining experience, the prices are reasonable, reflecting each dish’s quality and innovation. 

As One Restaurant is perfect for those seeking an exquisite gastronomic journey in an elegant setting. This Restaurant is a top choice in Dublin for a tasty brunch or a delicious lunch with creative European cuisine.

Visit As One Menu.

Harbourmaster Restaurant

Price Range €7 – €35

dublin docklands Harbourmaster restaurant
Photos via Harbourmaster Restaurant

Harbourmaster Restaurant in Dublin is a culinary gem situated by the waterfront, offering a delectable fusion of modern Irish and European cuisine. 

The menu showcases a variety of dishes, from fresh seafood to succulent steaks, with an emphasis on locally sourced ingredients. The Restaurant’s cosy yet upscale ambience, adorned with warm wood decor and large windows overlooking the dock, provides a perfect backdrop for a memorable dining experience. 

While it caters to fine dining, prices are moderate, making it an excellent choice for those who desire a top-notch meal without the extravagant bill. Harbourmaster Restaurant is a delightful blend of taste, ambience, and value in Dublin.

Visit Harbourmaster Menu.

Forbes Street by Gareth Mullins 

dublin docklands forbes streat restaurant
Photos via Forbes Street

Forbes Street by Gareth Mullins in Dublin is a gastronomic masterpiece known for its exquisite fusion of contemporary Irish and international cuisine. 

Chef Gareth Mullins combines fresh, seasonal ingredients to craft a menu that tantalises the taste buds. The Restaurant’s elegant yet relaxed ambience, with stylish decor and soothing lighting, sets the stage for a memorable dining experience. 

While Forbes Street offers fine dining at its best, the prices reflect the top-quality ingredients and culinary artistry, making it a choice for special occasions or those looking to indulge. 

Forbes Street by Gareth Mullins is a culinary gem for connoisseurs in Dublin.

Visit Forbes Street by Gareth Mullins menu.


Price Range €20

dublin docklands pizza
Photos via Milano

Milano in Dublin is a well-loved pizzeria that delivers a taste of Italy in the city’s heart. Specialising in mouthwatering pizzas with various toppings, it’s a haven for pizza enthusiasts. 

The ambience is casual and family-friendly, with a vibrant and inviting atmosphere. Milano’s prices are reasonable, making it an excellent choice for a relaxed meal with friends or family. 

Whether you’re in the mood for a classic margarita or creative gourmet toppings, Milano offers a satisfying Italian dining experience without breaking the bank, making it a local favourite in Dublin for pizza lovers of all ages.

Visit Milano’s Website.

Brewdog Outpost Dublin

Price Range €6 – €40

brewdog dublin docklands
Photos via Brewdog

BrewDog Outpost in Dublin is a haven for craft beer lovers, serving a diverse range of artisanal brews from BrewDog’s own selection alongside a curated collection of international beers.

The ambience is a lively blend of a modern pub and industrial-chic setting, perfect for socialising or enjoying a relaxed drink. While BrewDog takes beer seriously, the prices are reasonable, offering excellent value for the quality and variety of brews. 

Alongside their beer offerings, a menu of gourmet burgers, loaded fries, and other pub classics make it an ideal spot for beer and food enthusiasts, making BrewDog Outpost a go-to destination for a lively and flavorful experience in Dublin.

Visit Brewdog Dublin Website.

Urban Brewing

Price Range €5 – €30

urban brewing dublin docklands
Photos via Brewdog

Urban Brewing in Dublin is a captivating fusion of craft beer, contemporary cuisine, and a chic urban ambience. Set in a refurbished 200-year-old vault, the Restaurant boasts a unique and modern industrial design. 

The cuisine is a delightful mix of Irish and international flavours, featuring dishes crafted from locally sourced ingredients. While leaning towards the upscale, prices are justified by the quality and innovation in food and craft beer selections. 

Urban Brewing offers a sophisticated dining experience where beer lovers and food enthusiasts can savour creative pairings in a stylish setting. It’s a top choice for those seeking an extraordinary culinary and brewing journey in Dublin.

Visit Urban Brewing Menu.

Dublin Docklands a Dining Destination

In the heart of the bustling Dublin Docklands, we’ve uncovered a culinary paradise for food enthusiasts. Our journey through the top restaurants in Dublin Docklands has revealed a vibrant tapestry of flavours and experiences. 

From the charming warmth of MacKenzie’s Restaurant to the modern sophistication of Charlotte Quay, the dining scene here is truly diverse, offering something for every palate.

MacKenzie’s is a must-visit for classic Irish comfort food, with its cosy ambience and wallet-friendly prices. Meanwhile, with its elegant waterside setting, Charlotte Quay Restaurant presents an upscale experience for those looking to indulge in modern European cuisine.

The culinary delights of Dublin Docklands extend to Herbstreet. On this spot, contemporary Irish cuisine meets affordability, making it perfect for brunch or a casual dinner. For a taste of European flair with a dash of chic sophistication, As One Restaurant offers a fine dining experience, though it comes at a higher price point.

And suppose you’re searching for a riverside culinary adventure. In that case, the MV Cill Airne will delight you with its fusion of flavours and striking waterside views.

Harbourmaster Restaurant’s blend of modern European cuisine and moderate prices caters to those who appreciate quality dining without extravagant bills.

Forbes Street by Gareth Mullins takes the art of cuisine to the next level, offering contemporary Irish and international dishes in an elegant, upscale atmosphere.

Meanwhile, Milano adds an Italian twist to the Dublin dining scene with its affordable yet scrumptious pizzas, making it a favourite for families and friends looking for a relaxed meal.

And finally, BrewDog Outpost keeps craft beer enthusiasts coming back for more with its diverse selection of brews and delicious pub fare.

Concluding our culinary expedition, these top restaurants in Dublin Docklands offer a diverse and dynamic range of experiences. 

Whether you’re a local seeking comfort food, a visitor exploring European flavours, or a beer enthusiast looking for a unique blend of craft brews, there’s something for everyone in this remarkable culinary landscape. 

So, make your reservations, embark on a food journey, and savour the flavours of Dublin Docklands. Your taste buds will thank you. 

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