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Best Restaurants in Ireland 

The Best Restaurants in Ireland Picked by an Irish Chef

Welcome to Retrobite, we help you find the best restaurants across Ireland. These are restaurants picked by and Irish Chef that we know will highlight the best of Irish Food and Service.

This website was created to get away from the old days of “Critic Reviews”. From working industry we know that many reviews and awards won by Irish Restaurants are often paid for awards or are awarded because of their status. Don’t get use wrong we know there are a lot of Irish Restaurants out there that deserve these awards, some, well lets just say bad food will always show in customer reviews.

We have created a list of the Best Irish restaurants based on our own personal opinion and what we believe truly showcases Irish Cuisine.

You won’t find us bashing any restaurants with bad reviews like some “Food Critics” like to do. We believe in spreading positive awareness of Irish Restaurants. If we don’t feature a restaurant it because we either don’t recommend them or we haven’t got around to trying them out.

We believe Ireland has the best Ingredients you will find anywhere in the world. We also know that we have some fantastic Chefs out there working extremely hard to deliver the best food in their area.

Retrobite is here to highlight this hard work and bring you a list of the Best Restaurants in Ireland you will enjoy.